Resource What questions should the interview panel ask applicants for the Port head coaching role?

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Jul 15, 2002
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“How do you wind down in the coaches’ box after the team has coughed up a 5 goal lead in the first term?”

“How do you have a difficult conversation when dropping a player that you brought into the team to tag the Brownlow favourite, only to have it colossally backfire by allowing literally every other opposition player dominate?”

In this thread you are also permitted to discuss:

1. The viability of interviews to identify the best candidate, as compared to other methods - eg psychometric testing, trial shifts (unpaid), references checking etc

2. The composition of the interview panel

3. Activities for Zak Butters and/or magpiespower to extend their social network(s)


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Jun 14, 2017
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Port Adelaide
Which carbonated beverage is the best drink?

Please give an example of how you would go about turning an exciting draft prospect into a totally vanilla plodder?

Player X is 195cm tall, they have a strong mark and reliable kick for goal.
Is their best position
A) full forward
B) centre half forward
C) both of the above plus long stints in the ruck

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May 26, 2017
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1. What is the club's Creed?
2. What is a no-hoper and what should be done to those found in the club?
3. What is the Port Adelaide Football Club?
4. What do you want to accomplish here?
5. Who are Fos (auto-correct changed it to 'God'!) Williams and Russell Ebert and why do they matter?
6. What is your username on BigFooty?
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Mar 10, 2014
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1. Should we keep the Footy Express going?
2. How do you intend to win back traditional Port supporters?
3. What does the PAFC mean to the Port community, and has it got something to do with winning?
4. Do you expect players to give a damn each and every week?
5. Three part question
a) Is success a "non-negotiable"?
b) at what level do you set the benchmark for success?
c) do you think demanding Port supporters will tolerate mid table mediocrity for much longer?
6. Can you reduce the price of a footy pie at the game?
7. Out of left field
Will you publicly slam Kochie (or any other Board member) who comes out with cringeworthy utterings such as "little old blue collar battling club", "the top of their game", "youse thought he was a hero at 11-7", "co captains will give us the greatest chance of success", "it's just a game and someone has to lose" and "wearing the prison bars is just too tough to sort out".
8. Multiple choice Bonus point if answered correctly
Port Adelaide exists
* to lose
* to succeed
* to trash our tradition.

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