What radio station do you listen to?

R Chee Manning

Marlo Snellman
Apr 27, 2019
AFL Club
In this age of Spotify do people still listen to the radio?

As a teenager I was absolutely glued to the radio...

I'd sit alone and watch your light
My only friend through teenage nights

These days if ever I listen to the radio I'm probably more interested in news and information - RNZ, RN, BBC...

I'll tune into JJJ when in the mood... but mostly if I feel like some music in the background

4KQ's my station.


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MC Bad Genius

Premiership Player
Apr 15, 2008
AFL Club
I only ever listen to radio when I'm in the car and although I try JJJ, it normally ends up on Double J (or occasionally FBI), unless it's Saturday night, when it's WSFM 100%!
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