What Song Would You Like At Your Funeral?

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MC Bad Genius

Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 15, 2008
AFL Club
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Dragons FFC
Do people get that you are dead at your funeral? Why the f*** would you care. Do we not understand what death is?
Do people get that you don't have to open threads you're not interested in? Why the f*** would you bother. Do we not understand what self-control is?

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 18, 2006
AFL Club
When my mum died i had a hard time thinking of what music to play (or suggestions, there was dad and my brothers and her family to work it out). But in the end we found the right music. It has made me start thinking of music for dad's funeral, even though he is fighting fit.

It's a big thing I reckon. Respect to the dead and also a massive insight into who they were.

Mine will or should be a pearl jam song, maybe finish with Wendy Matthews, fu** I love this song.

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