What will happen first - Fyfe Flag or DangerFlag

Who will win a Premiership First?

  • Patrick Dangerfield

    Votes: 9 6.8%
  • Nat Fyfe

    Votes: 15 11.4%
  • Neither will ever win won

    Votes: 73 55.3%
  • Nathan Broad to win his 5th flag before either win one

    Votes: 35 26.5%

  • Total voters

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Aug 29, 2004
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They can’t run every page with articles about Nic Nat and his new PlayStation.
Of course not!

They also had a 4 page spread on how he got a sore thumb from playing.

and of course the special supplement about his miracle cure for his debilitating thumb strain and the speedy recovery it brought (seems he used ice wrapped in a cloth!).


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Dec 24, 2011
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Do Freo have the midfield grunt to leave Fyfe as a permanent forward next year and beyond?
He's got the height and strength.
Smokey for the 2021 Coleman?
Brayshaw and Serong have grunt out the ears but are too young to do it themselves at the moment. Maybe if Acres can get an extended period of time in there.

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Greek Souvlaki 🇬🇷
Oct 2, 2008
Death Valley
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Brothers of Destruction
You had literally nothing to do with your team’s success. Stop spouting off like you have some special insight into other teams lists, it’s infuriating.
As a Saints supporter - our supporter base is the reason we are in this position. We raised millions when we didn't need too.

How did the marching saints fund and premiership before 2020 plan go?

note - spare us the 'you are a richmond supporter dont talk about my club' - bulldust, your envy shouldn't prevent us from discussing other footy teams on a footy forum.
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Piggy Smalls

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Nov 30, 2018
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Do Freo have the midfield grunt to leave Fyfe as a permanent forward next year and beyond?
He's got the height and strength.
Smokey for the 2021 Coleman?
Tucker is a big body and was missing for most of 2020. Valente would be due to get a debut early in the season and Blakely can’t even get a game so there is a bit of depth in the midfield.

Fyfe is a weapon in the air. His mere presence in the goalsquare was a major catalyst for our comeback against St Kilda this year. I doubt he’d be more than a 30-40 goal forward at best but he’d bring the other forwards into the game.

Dirty Bird

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Aug 1, 2010
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#BostonStrong #RiseUp
Neither will ever happen
Neither will make a grand final again
Fyfe will make a prelim sooner
Dangerfield will make a semi sooner
Dangerfield will win a woodenspoon sooner.


purple haze
Mar 2, 2007
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Freo are realistically 2 or so years away from even making the 8, let alone challenging. Their 2015-16 rebuild failed and they're almost back at square one. Fyfe himself is also pretty injury prone nowadays.
What an embarrassingly bad take this is.

For starters, in 2015 we finished top of the ladder and played in a prelim. By no measure were we in a rebuild.

Then in 2016, when we kicked off the rebuild, we drafted Logue, Darcy, Cox and Ryan. All best 22 cornerstones we're building our new team around. The next year we added Brayshaw and Cerra who are proving to be two of the best players from that draft and who now make up the bulk of our new midfield.

How do you think rebuilds work? Do you think you draft a couple of new players and they take you to a grand final the next year as 19 year olds?

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Aug 16, 2019
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Richmond finished 13th in 2016 so it’s hard to categorically rule out Fyfe winning a flag based on where Freo are currently at. A lot can change quickly. Freo are stacked with first round draft picks and have brought in some excellent development coaches in Joel Corey and Matthew Boyd.
Yeah. Clubs come from 13th to win flags pretty frequently these days, and 3 in 4 is pretty run of the mill.

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