Opinion What's the Buzza?

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Nov 12, 2002
AFL Club
Think I read somewhere that he has an issue with his eyes which adds a degree of difficulty, especially with marking.
Might explain why he dropped the sitters he did.

It makes you wonder about his career choice though.

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Premiership Player
Sep 20, 2014
AFL Club
Not in best 22. Too slow and no defensive acts in his game. He’ll move from being a promising young tall to middle age (in football terms) hack. Will be delisted at seasons end.


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Jan 31, 2008
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Stockport County, Chicago Cubs
If I understood them properly, you can do some exercises to strengthen the eye and slow degeneration, but you can't reverse or correct visual issues through these alone
As someone with a 'lazy eye', I would endorse this viewpoint. Exercises alone won't correct the visual issues (especially depth perception problems for objects moving at speed) that are associated with a lazy eye.

And particularly so at Wylie's age. I was given specific exercises for my eyes when I was young (pre-teen years) to ensure that my eyesight developed as well as it possibly could. After that, you're basically managing the condition until your eyesight starts to naturally deteriorate as you age.

There's no way this condition was concocted to explain his apparent lack of ability to stick marks in the heat of a game. And there's also no way he can massively improve his ability in this area simply through exercises.

In short, unless his confidence soars (and I think it was shot when things started to go awry in that Power game), I don't expect to see a great improvement in his marking prowess.

Which does mean a permanent move to the backline beckons.

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