When was the last time a team won the league for the first time?

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Manchester City 2011-12

Or are we counting the Premier League and the old First division as the same league?

Since the topic is "The league" not "The Premier League" that should be apparent.

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Nottingham Forest in 1977-78. Before that it's Derby in 1971-72 and Leeds in 1968-69.

This. Hmm, I'm seeing a pattern with those last two... would Chesterfield be the next one?

Hey, both Forest and County had the same manager get them to that title as well!
And the Champions Cup as well didn't they?

Yes they did, although it was an easier straight knockout competition, and that even Forest would've had an easier time in taking it home. Mind you, they won it twice in a row, so that's nothing to sneeze at.
Blackburn ' s 81 year wait between league titles must be some sort of a record.

Longest in English history. The next 'best' is Villa with 71.

That said, if Newcastle or West Brom win the tittle soon, they will hold that record.

Will the pressure now get to Leicester as history beckons?

I've been hearing this one more often. All I can say is:

And also:

I'd say we're experienced enough to handle the pressure. That said, we've got 13 cup finals ahead of us now. We could beat Arsenal, yet lose to Norwich as the pressure is dialed up. It is up to us to ensure that we see the run to the very end (not going to lie, but I'm also a bit worried that we might do the opposite of the 'Great Escape,' (basically lose 7 from the last 9) so I'm taking it one game at a time.)

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