When will the media be held accountable for their impact on player mental health?

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Jul 25, 2019
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If you look at what De Goey has "done" compared to recent Melbourne and Bulldogs players and compare the amount of articles written, and you still don't believe its anti-Collingwood bias, then you've lost it. I don't even need to do the math to know that when you've got f-wits like G Lyon spouting crap like "immoral" behaviour that we've lost the plot.

I think priors regarding De Goey's off field incidents is a reason why the media have seen to give JD-G a harder time than May/Melksham and Smith (but in fairness those incidents do come across somewhat worse than De Goey's Bali trip)

The media have been fairly hard hard on Melbourne over the last 6 months or so with regards to Goodwin and the bullying and toxic culture inside the Dees to be honest as well (especially The HUN)

Surprised what's happened/happening at The Dees is not talked about more often her.

Gary Pert and Simon Goodwin are closer to being sacked by the Dees board (via the AFL and Gil's directive) than you would think.
Anyhow I do not wish any harm or mental health on JD-G personally. He probably needs a minder with him next time he goes on Holiday and makes sure he doesn't drink to excess (Alcohol being the main reason for his scandals in the past)

Jordan would be much better off if he gave up the booze (especially during the season) but if not, least limit the amount if he feels the drink in bars/nightclubs etc


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Sep 25, 2011
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I'm sure Wayne Carey and the likes of him did these kind of things all the time

I recall reading a puff piece about Nick Stevens and his former partner having a special 'big brother' relationship with a Down's Syndrome child many years ago, doesn't exonerate all the lowlife/scumbag things he did later on (including nearly killing said former partner and leaving her scarred and disabled for the rest of this year.

It's pretty naive to assume cuddly puff pieces about JD-G is automatically going to make him a 'good bloke' in the eyes of the public again
Blatant and annoying attempts of manipulation and defection by PieLebo87

And i said before, none of you Collingwood fans should he able to play the Mental Health card here, given how you pretty much rubbished Lumumba and his claims of being affected (mental health wise) by bullying and racist harassment inside the Collingwood footy club.

None of you Magpie 'Army' cared about Lumumba and his mental and emotional well-being, so why the hell should we/I care about De Goey's, especially when he has had a history of drink driving and allegedly grope/sexually assaulting a couple of young women?

Just how many chances does he get or deserve anyway,

The media are not the Villains here
You really should just refrain from posting on this topic. Time and time again you’ve shown yourself to be hopelessly biased and not remotely capable of reasoned discussion.

As was pointed out ad nauseam in the Lumumba thread, Heritier wanted to dictate the entire truth telling process on nothing but his own terms, while simultaneously attempting to take the club to court. Collingwood refused to play ball on that for obvious reasons, all of which seemingly went over your head. THAT was the crux of what the supporters took issue with. And you then went on to further embarrass yourself by admitting you hadn’t even read the Do Better report or the recommendations, and instead were just interested in hanging Collingwood out to dry in whichever way was convenient as soon as a complaint was raised against them.

And here you are doing the same thing yet again—not only spouting the same dribble, but refusing to judge this incident on its own merits and instead trying to combine previous episodes into it (and AGAIN dragging the supporters into it for good measure). Give yourself a timeout.

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Oct 3, 2007
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Feel a little sorry for Jordan as he hasn't done a lot wrong this time. Imagine ablett Sn in this day and age. Being responsible for the death of a young lady if far worse than anything Jordan has done.

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I would of thought the young lady would be responsible for What she put in her body, so even back then it was someone else’s fault.

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Jul 30, 2006
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Is there any doubt Collingwood leaked the news to drop his value, listen to them no punishment really, Eddie and McCrae backing him in and wanting to wrap their arms around him, they didn't provide any comment for days, I've got no doubt someone at the club told cornes and it's snowballed from there, he should leave, and get well paid from the crows, they will pay up 850 for 3

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