Where are they now (delistings / retirements since 2005)

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Mar 31, 2008
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Pls feel free to update / correct anything you feel is inaccurate or you know to be different.
Bare in mind these our all our trades / delistings / retirements since 2005. (have left Crawf and Croady out deliberately)

Players at other AFL Clubs

Lukas Markovic (Rookie) - Western Bulldogs
Sam Gibson (Rookie) - North Melbourne
Zac Dawson - Fremantle
Ben McGlynn - Sydney
Josh Kennedy - Sydney
Campbell Brown - Gold Coast
Brent Renouf - Port Adelaide
Jordan Lisle - Brisbane
Will Sierakowski (Scholarship) – North Melbourne
Sam Menegola (Rookie) - Fremantle (Rookie)
Clinton Young - Collingwood
Stephen Gilham- - GWS
Tom Murphy - Gold Coast

Current Clubs (outside AFL)

Chance Bateman - Perth Football Club (WAFL)
Ben Kane - Sturt Football Club (SANFL)
Roury Kirby (Rookie) - Glenelg Football Club (SANFL)
Kristian Height (Rookie) - Myrtleford Football Club (O & M)
Bo Nixon - UTS Football Club (Sydney Football League)
Josh Thurgood - Port Adelaide Magpies (SANFL)
Mathew Little - GM of Essendon VFL side
Tim Clark - Senior Coach of Coburg (VFL)
Garry Moss - East Perth Football Club (WAFL)
Luke McEntee - Amatuers in SA
Hugh Sandilands (Rookie) - Port Melbourne Football Club (VFL)
Alex Grima (Rookie) - South Femantle Football Club (WAFL)
Mitch Thorp - Captain / Coach – South Launceston Football Club (TFL)
Tim Walsh (Rookie) - Glenelg Football Club (SANFL)
Hayden Kiel (Rookie) - Southport Football Club (NEAFL)
Beau Dowler - Sandringham Football Club (VFL)
Travis Tuck - West Adelaide Football Club (SANFL)
Wayde Skipper - Port Melbourne Football Club (VFL)
Jarrod Kayler–Thompson (Rookie) - Subiaco Football Club (WAFL)
Rick Ladson - Coaching Golden Square in the Bendigo league
Jarryd Morton - Wongan Hills (local WA league)
Riley Milne (Rookie) - Gelenlg Football Club (SANFL)
Paul Johnson (Rookie) - East Perth Football Club (WAFL)
Cameron Bruce - Development coach with Hawthorn
Tom Schneider (Rookie)- Vermont (EDFL)
John Barker - Carlton assistant coach
Ben Dixon - Commentator / coaching clinics
Nathan Thompson - East Doncaster / Commentator
Tim Boyle - Journalist
Stuart Dew - Swans assistant coach
Robert Campbell - Coaching clinics (with Dicko)

Last known clubs

Nathan Lonie - Chelsea Heights
Rhan Hooper - Broadbeach Football Club (NEAFL)
Cameron Stokes - Sturt Football Club (SANFL)
Michael Johnston (Scholarship) – East Coast Eagles (NEAFL)
Carl Peterson - Northern Blues (VFL)
Joel Smith - Yarrawonga (O & M)
Jordan Williams - Bendigo Bombers (VFL)
Jack Mohony (Scholarship) - Ainslie (NEAFL)

Beau Muston - Box Hill (VFL)


Jon Hay – retired????
Simon Beaumont – retired?????
Steven Greene – retired ??????
Doug Scott
Angelo Lekkas – retired????
Thomas Willday (Rookie)
Peter Everitt - retired????
Harry Miller
Nick Ries
Luke Brennan
Matt Ball
Richie Vanderburg - retired?????
Brett Collins (Rookie)
Danny Jacobs
Mark Williams
Simon Taylor
Jarrad Bouman
Broc MaCauley (Rookie)
Adam Pattison (Rookie)


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Aug 16, 2009
Behind you
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Wow - great list. The system really does spit them out doesn't it.

I dont get a chance to watch a great deal of footy other than Hawks games and would love to hear how the current players at other clubs are doing (don't want to derail thread.

We can leave Joey Kennedy out as I'm pretty sure we all know how he goes :(

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 9, 2012
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Wow - great list. The system really does spit them out doesn't it.
Agreed. This puts contract negoatiations into perspective. You only have to be close to someone trying to get a game at an AFL club to realise how cut throat it is and how heartbreaking it can be to be "oh so close". Clubs churn through players with little regard to loyalty, and Hawthorn is no exception.

I have complete sympathy for players trying to make the most of their careers and when it comes time for the table to turn, as it has with Buddy, Gablett and others, I have total respect for their decisions to get the utmost out of their limited shelf life.

But I'll be devastated if he goes!


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Dec 16, 2008
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Man City, Box Hill Hawks
Boumann plays for Doveton Football Club.

Carl Peterson is playing somewhere in the VAFA A grade.

Simon Taylor is playing with Tom Schneider for Vermont Eagles in the EFL.


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Nov 1, 2006
Cloud Cuckoo Land
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A couple of the pre 2005 bunch and other odds-and-sods that are still kicking around:

Luke McPharlin obviously at Freo
Shane Tuck (rookie) obviously at Richmond
John Baird (rookie) still playing VFL at Port Melbourne
Trent Stubbs (NSW s'ship) is playing for the Sydney Hills Eagles
Brett Johnson is coach of Montrose in the EFL and GM of Player Development at the AFLPA
Rayden Tallis also works for the AFLPA in the AFL Sportsready / player transition programme
Tim Hazell is a Player Manager/Agent
Nick Stone is now based in the US as a banker with ANZ
Bill Nicholls, well, you know already. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/new...d-over-shootings/story-e6frg6nf-1226633790919


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Mar 30, 2005
in a house
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box hill
Hayden Kiel (Rookie) - Southport Football Club (NEAFL) i met him last year after a hawks game i am sure he is at Balwyn ?? could be wrong there i thought beau dowler was there too he is a qualified plumber i know that via Taz

Vanders M.D at Lencia Fruit Juice company

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Mar 11, 2008
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Played against Rhan Hooper's team on the weekend although he was injured. He plays for Springwood in the AFLQ Div 1 comp.

Albert Proud, the ex-Lions player, also plays for them and got sent red carded
for threatening the umpire.


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Aug 9, 2006
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Man City, Packers, Celtics, Red Sox
Great thread. Back a bit further but Lance Picioane was playing for Boort in the North Central league about 5 years ago. Wikipedia says he plays for Kyneton currently?

Jane Doe

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Sep 16, 2006
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Beau Muston plays for Langwarrin, Jon Hay was there last year. Not sure where Jon is now. Nathan Lonie plays for Frankston Bombers which is Dermie's old club.

Brucie Buffer

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Nov 22, 2010
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Robbie Whittaker
Great thread. Back a bit further but Lance Picioane was playing for Boort in the North Central league about 5 years ago. Wikipedia says he plays for Kyneton currently?
Pretty sure Kyneton aren't fielding a senior team this year due to lack of numbers when Thommo didn't recommit as coach. Only fielding reserves team.


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May 6, 2002
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Box Hill
Angelo Lekkas runs his own business, Footy Specialist Coaching Academy: http://www.footysca.com.au/

Peter Everitt has been in the media doing bits and pieces on TV and Radio. I think he lives up here now and he's currently on Triple M.
Angelo also has some advertising banners at Box Hill FC, seems he is also a ANZ Banking rep.

A bit older I know but the Andy Collins coached West Adelaide FC is currently on top of the ladder with Trav Tuck as mentioned above.
They will be playing a Foxtel Cup match at the MCG against Port Melbourne on the 11th June.


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Sep 6, 2011
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AFL Member so all clubs I guess.
I find it interesting how so many of the retirements/delistings are still playing in the second tier comps. Just shows the fine line between being in a squad and being on the outer of the club.

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