List Mgmt. Where are they now? (ex suns)

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Mr Bods

Norm Smith Medallist
May 21, 2017
Southern GC-the beautiful city
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Steven May getting things right off-field has improved his on-field performance apparently
Never seemed like a really happy guy during his time with us
I don't really hold May in the same disregard as Lynch because he left for non-football/non-financial reasons to an unsuccessful Club
I don't wish any success on Melbourne :pbut I hope this bloke who's overcome challenges all his life does finally get it right
May Happier
He was run of town and deservedly so. He’s not a Bedwetter.

Mt Isa Mustang

Club Legend
Nov 23, 2019
AFL Club
Gold Coast
How much did idiot head Silvagni stump up for McGovern and Martin again?
Both would be taking close to $2M a year from the salary cap
On the other hand we got Ellis and Greenwood
Feel the produce,compare the value ;)
The Mitch McGovern deal has got to be one of the worst trades of the past 5 years.
They traded 2018 pick 26 and 28 and Shane Mcadam for him.

2020 stats

Mcadam: 10 matches - per game stats: 8.4 possessions, 3.3 marks, 0.8 goals, 0.3 GA, 2.9 tackles
McGovern: 9 matches - per game stats: 7.7 possessions, 3.7 marks, 0.9 goals, 0.8 GA, 2 tackles

Mcadam in his first year, McGovern in his 6th.

These guys could have all been taken 25 - 45 in 2018
James Rowbottom, Tom Sparrow, Will Hamill, BJ Williams, Laitham Vandermeer, Justin Mcinerny, Curtis Taylor
Rowbottom, Taylor + Mcadam would be pretty handy on their list right now.

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