Opinion Where will we be at in 2026

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Jul 12, 2006
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I think our defence is in pretty good shape, with the youngsters really stepping up to the plate in that part of the ground - Butts, Hamill, Doedee, McPherson, with Worrell & McAsey waiting in the wings.

I also think we're well fixed for small/medium forwards, with McAdam, Rowe, Newchurch (fingers crossed), Murphy & McHenry.

TT should be well & truly up & running by then, but Tex will be gone - and he will leave a huge hole in our forward line. I have no faith in Fogarty, Himmelberg or Frampton, so we still need to find another quality tall forward.

ROB should still be going strong in the ruck, though we do need to think about a backup - and we'll want to have a young ruckman training to take over from him as well.

The biggest concern remains the midfield. Sholl & Schoenberg look like they have the goods, with Schoenberg having a breakout game against North. Keays should still be around by then, if he hasn't been pushed out by someone better (love his workrate, but he's seriously blue collar). Our midfield is still largely dependent on Sloane, Laird, Smith and Seedsman, and Crouch (though he hasn't played yet in 2021); none of these players will be on our list in 5 years time.

There are still a whole lot of question marks over our younger midfielders. Berry shows promise, and has huge defensive pressure, but offensively his best is still only 10 disposals. Pedlar looked good in the pre-season games, before getting injured. Hately hasn't impressed to date, and beyond him we're really looking at kids who haven't even shown much at SANFL level yet. It's just too early to say whether or not any of these kids will make it, and this is where our future will be decided.

If the young midfielders turn out to be good (as Sholl has already shown himself to be), then the future looks bright. If not...

We really need to find a Tex replacement, a couple of rucks (1x backup, 1x development), and a whole bunch of gun midfielders (it's possible that one or two are already on our list). Do that, and the sky is the limit.
Agree with your assessment here. I think midfield is still our biggest priority moving forward with this rebuild. Another top 5 pick this year would be really helpful to hopefully bring in that out and out A grade mid to compliment what we already have. Midfields are where premierships are won

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