Which 5 NBA fanbases have suffered the most in the last 25 years ?

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Jul 25, 2019
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Leeds United
I am bored, and I have been thinking about this topic for a while now, so I am giving my top 5 teams/franchises who have been through the worst times over the past quarter of a century

1 Seattle Supersonics
Undisputedly has to be no 1. A proud and passionate and historic franchise killed off/torn away by assholes who own Starbucks and David Stern was certainly complicit in the demise of the Sonics

2 Sacramento Kings
Been ****** more times than Joan Collins and Johnny Holmes combined, both by refs and the Commission, but lately by more inept and moronic owners and GM (yes I am talking about you Vlade Dumbass)

3 Minnesota Timberwolves
Like The Kings, much of the Wolves misery has been due to a God awful owner. Have a very soft spot for them and Agent McHale given us a Prime KG to give us banner #17, but still it just still seems to be a franchise forever cursed by poor drafting and GM moves. Hopefully if/when Kevin Garnett buys the team, we see the Wolves rise.

4 Washington Bullets/Wizards
Everyone talks about how cactus the Bulls and Knicks have been in the post 90s era, but honestly, the Wiz have been by far the worst/most mediocre team in the Eastern Conference in the time frame I have mentioned. They had some fun times with Gilbert Arenas before he literally went insane and John Wall, but other than that, pretty much zilch t9 show for it, and it was depressing to see an aging Michael Jordan lose a bit of his aura and mystique by his final dreadful years in DC

5 New Orleans Pelicans
A city and franchise rocked both by tragedy (Hurricane Katrina) and an inability to keep Franchise Players (CP3, The Brow etc)
Really hope Zion stays healthy and signs long term at The Big Easy, God (aka Larry Bird) knows they are well overdue for a change of luck and some success

stewie griffen

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Sep 7, 2005
Firing GarPax
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Liverpool, Chicago Bulls
The clippers pre Chris Paul were a basket case

Charlotte put up the worst record in history

Minnesota had under achievement with kg who then fled

Memphis had grit n grind and now ja, but some lean early times

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Sep 19, 2019
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As a Lakers fan, I have loved watching the the Kings and Clippers suffer. Kings a perennial train wreck and Donald Sterling broke the Clippers for years. Even mediocre success crash lands: Clippers in 20 playoffs and Kings terrible talent sustainability. Hield looked like blowing up then, oh no. Bogie bolts. Bagley might come then, might have a season ending injury. Fox may be Beal mark 2 for forlorn wilderness wandering.

Not many cowbells these days.


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Feb 11, 2014
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New York Knicks by far because of how big of a market they have
Only won 2 Championships with the last in 1973
Only won 8 Conference Titles with the last in 1999
Only won 8 division titles in there history

Add some shocking selections in the Draft and some trades that should never have happened (Melo from Denver)


The World needs more Hank Moody’s.
Oct 2, 2016
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L.A Angels, Anaheim Ducks & M.Stars
My Orlando Magic have been the Orlando Tragic since Shaq chased the money and Hollywood lifestyle and broke up what should have been a dynasty with Penny.

I am still traumatised.
They had there chance but thought after beating the Bulls they’d just roll over Houston.....And also you did make an NBA Finals in 09 also ( great series that 😊 ).

Runnin Blue

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Apr 5, 2015
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AC Milan, Arsenal, North Adelaide
They had there chance but thought after beating the Bulls they’d just roll over Houston.....And also you did make an NBA Finals in 09 also ( great series that 😊 ).
I copped so much sh*t in high school after that finals series. Every time I turned around someone was handing me a broom, lol.


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Jul 13, 2012
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Charlotte Hornets, Chelsea, Striker
In no particular order:


Honorable mentions: Timberwolves, Magic

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