Which club do you hate more? Collingwood or Essendon?

Who do you hate more?

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Nov 18, 2021
AFL Club
I only hate the Pies when We play them, otherwise have a soft spot for em, sort of like a chubby Little brother. Essendon I hate like Fabio stealin’ my Girlfriend. But, like Blue Blood say’s, Ya gotta live in Perth and attend a WC game to really appreciate Hatred. Richmond and Melbourne make me laugh cos they’re closet supporters over here. Never saw a Richmond jumper or rego plate till 3 or so yrs ago. Melbourne the same this year. Eagles for me. Bombers right up their Clackers.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 26, 2011
AFL Club
The cheating cult club. By a long long way.
I only bothered posting so you can run a Thread about essendon being the most hated club in AFL.
Supporters who could never be sorry or angry at the club...just at everyone else.
Players...never sorry themselves, just blamed everyone else.
Have they apologised yet?

That old rivalry is long gone.
Ask again when we are both back in finals.😂

As for your club
Lest we forget 99 goals saga.
And Clarko dicking us around.
Mr. Insight Jordy Lewis.
The Hawthorn way.
Family club!
You beat us way too many times so you run a good second.
:blueheart: :thumbsu:


Senior List
Jul 20, 2007
Princes Park
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Other Teams
New York Giants. Knicks.
Apart from when we play the bombers*, every single week I support 2 footy clubs- the Blues and whoever is playing those ******* drug cheats. I have a dislike of the pies but it's funny that whenever these 2 teams play against each other how much I seem to love the black and white! There are not enough words to explain my absolute hatred of the bombers*, their supporters and anyone even remotely associated to that stain of a club.


Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 22, 2006
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Tottenham Hotspur
Essendon and its not even close.. Didnt help living in the area and many of my associates were flog essendon fans, also lived with a mate who was playing at Essendon and he got burned by Sheedy and never got a real crack at it.. But mostly their fans are just intolerable. I also find a high % of EFC fans are also Arsenal fans as well, so you get the double whammy..


Club Legend
Sep 14, 2018
AFL Club
Easily * by a country mile.
Then St Kilda, then Sydney.
Pies are meh, I don’t care enough to waste time hating them.

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Michael Jezz

Club Legend
Jan 30, 2007
AFL Club
Essendon have had 20 years of abject failure and their supporters and the media drink bomberland bathwater. A prime example is, yesterday, when Dadoro claimed Ben Hobbs is the next Leigh Mathews. If ever a self stroker took it upon himself to proclaim the coming of the Messiah-that was it. (Compare the media reaction to walsh when he was drafted. Vanila, should have taken Rozee etc)


Norm Smith Medallist
May 11, 2006
AFL Club
  • You can have a relatively intelligent footy argument with a Pies supporter and some understand logic and reason.
  • There is a semblance of respect between the 2 clubs, a bit of ying and yang. Elliot and McGuire used to lunch together a lot.
  • I can watch the Pies play and not feel overly deflated when they win.
  • When Pies and * play, I always go for the Pies.
  • They may have some dirty players off the field, but on the field generally fair.
Everything about * makes me sick, their supporters (talking, being amongst) make me wretch. The drug saga seriously highlighted how deluded and deranged their thought processes are. Their emblem, their song and the incestuous desire for Dodoro to always use their first round pick on a Bombers supporter, and let not get me on Dodoro, Sheedy, Hird, Lloyd, Fletcher, Missiti, Lucas, Wellman, Stringer, Perkins, and many other players on that list that bother me now and historically.

For those 20% that have selected Pies in the poll above, I honestly request you reconsider, search your heart, search your soul, otherwise a good psychiatrist is in order.

King Cold

Club Legend
Nov 9, 2011
AFL Club
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Geelong VFL
Freo, according to the Freo board. :screamcat:
I was surprised to see the general consensus amongst Fremantle supporters is they see Carlton as their biggest rival after West Coast.

Fremantle only have one rivalry (Fremantle/West Coast).
GWS already have two rivalries (GWS/Sydney and GWS/Bulldogs).


Brownlow Medallist
Mar 26, 2008
Behind You...
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Justice League
For me it was always Essendon. I think that started for me in the build up to the 1999 preliminary final against them. For memory John Elliott was stirring the pot pretty hard and bringing up how they cheated in 1993 etc etc. He really fired up the fans and the team with what he had to say. Essendon had a lot of arrogance around them and beating them in that preliminary final was one of the sweetest wins I have experienced.

From then on it was the little things. In 2000 Essendon and Carlton were one and two on the ladder and both dominant sides. We were heavily reliant on Kouta though and finally the two sides came up against each other in a massively anticipated match. Soon into that game Kouta was injured by an Essendon player leading with the knee in a marking contest and our season was over and Kouta was never the same.

Then there was the diving. The contests in the mid-late 2000's against Essendon were always heated and you could always put them down for multiple goals from players taking dives. It was rife in their side and the umpires always bought into it. I always felt they had the umpires on their side against us.

I think things have simmered down now between the two sides. The drugs saga made them out as more of a joke rather than a despised team. Both Carlton and Essendon haven't been a threat for a premiership for a long time and both have hardly played finals. There isn't much there in recent history of what has been quite a spiteful rivalry.

Having started following footy in the mid 90s I never understood the Collingwood rivalry as the reasons for it were all in the past. One thing that does stick out though is that even when both sides are down and having uneventful seasons, the turnout for these games is still massive. There are a lot of newly formed rivalry matches however I doubt they would get the same turnout if both sides were average.

The Collingwood/Carlton rivalry to me is a strong one but to me it's a respectful fun rivalry. It's been years since both teams have been relevant at the same time and have competed seriously in big games.

Both are satisfying teams to beat and it's never good to lose to them however I would enjoy beating the top sides a lot more and neither are that.

I think Collingwood are our greatest traditional rival and Essendon are our greatest modern rival and most hated.

Raging Blue

Team Captain
Oct 11, 2016
Half Time 1970
AFL Club
How can you not love the Bombers? Far too many here are overreacting.

  • So they cheated the salary cap a little in 93. Again re 2000, it was disclosed years later that Hird & Lloyld had elaborate company salary schemes. It happens, nothing to see.
  • Then their super coach Sheedy makes a throat-slitting gesture to Mitchell White of the Eagles. It's an emotional game FFS, you can't hate them for this. Even ISIS said there is nothing to see here.
  • Oh, there were a few drugs injected for several weeks into a few players. Ok, maybe nearly their entire team. WADA were not happy, but our very own AFL cleared them. We have been too harsh I'm afraid. Even the commentators said they were brave..............."say that again"........... even the commentators said they were brave.
  • On top of all this, their uniform is still used as a symbol of beauty throughout the world.

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forever blue 1

All Australian
Mar 7, 2021
AFL Club
Cause lethal was on the gear playing. I don’t like bombers, I have nothing against pies. Cats I want to throw up. All other teams I don’t mind. I like the saints.

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