Which club do you hate the most?

Which club do you hate the most?

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Sep 4, 2015
AFL Club
Hawthorn - If Tony Abbot was a football club, he’d be Hawthorn. They get a free ride from the media, AFL House and yes, the umpires, and I will never understand why. Their captain during their golden age was a drunk driver who attempted to paralyse another player by way of a goalpost – and from the past 20 years Rioli, Roughead and Crawford are the only remotely likeable players I can remember.

North - Once upon a time I thought North Melbourne was the paragon of the little guy standing up against the big end of town – then I joined this site and ‘met’ their supporters. I have never come across a more bitter, self-loathing group of w***ers (and I've watched Sky After Dark). I’d never advocate for a club to fold or merge but fu** me, this club brings me close.

Collingwood - apparently we're rivals but have always had a softish spot. Another huge club always in the crosshairs. The Do Better report speaks volumes, but the idea that they rather than Hawthorn or West Coast copped it is laughable – like Essendon with PEDs or Carlton with the brown paper bags, Collingwood were caught without a chair when the music stopped despite far worse going on elsewhere.

Carlton - I honestly can’t wait until we and Carlton hate each other properly again. It’s a vicious, near violent rivalry and will be great when we’re both up and about again.

Richmond - Jesus Christ, who would have thought Richmond would become the benchmark for a quality football club. Honestly, nothing but kudos – and in fact, love the way their fanbase has carried on during the successful years – earned and deserved

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beema limapep

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Oct 29, 2017
AFL Club
I don’t hate any teams really, even enjoy watching teams like Carlton and Richmond.

The supporters of said clubs are incredibly hard to tolerate when attempting a reasonable discussion.

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Thems fighting words. See you in the car park.

the harry

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 25, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
Why do you hate Melbourne?

Very few likable players in the last 20 years. Even before that, Lyon and co are not likable in the media. As a eagles fan, from racism against Lewis in the 90s to putting NicNat down to justify Watts.

The leadership of the club, such as Diamond Joe, is easy to dislike. Bloke should be in prison.

Paul Roos being the messiah in more recent times. That Sydney side that won in 05 had some incredible players and the coach gets the credit when there are probably at least 3 HoF plays in the team. Plus a culture that involved Maxwell retiring mid season selflessly.

The MCC type of supporter is easy to hate too.

This is to say nothing of the awful football and tanking over the last 15 years.


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 19, 2016
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I'll always hate the Dogs for Eade and Hall's sooky lala press conference that painted a redundant but still unfair target on my club. (Hall being on the Brian Lake level of hypocrite and bitchass sook).

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