Which club do you hate the most?

Which club do you hate the most?

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Brownlow Medallist
Dec 2, 2014
AFL Club
Wow, Essendon have nearly a quarter of the vote and they haven't won a final in *checks notes* 6287 days. Imagine how much of the vote they'd get if they were actually relevant :oops:
If and when we win another flag big footy will be hell for a lot of people, I'm sure we'll be very gracious in victory though.


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 18, 2014
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NY Mets, NO Pelicans, Toronto Leafs
Geelong because Dangerfield seems like a flog with his comb over haircut, pulled up socks and staging for frees. And he always gets light tribunal sentences due to him being head of the AFLPA. Also, accompanied by Selwood the king of all duckers. Also Chris Scott for being probably the biggest flog in the AFL with his ego and immaturity with being incapable of handling his own emotions on game day or in post match press conferences.
I agree, Dangerflog comes across as a tosser, but unless definitions have changed, you are referring to a simple parted hairstyle, whereas a combover is a hairdo designed to mask a balding dome.


Team Player
May 18, 2021
AFL Club
I'm just shocked we're above Carlton. If the day ever comes that they actually start winning games of football again I imagine that'll quickly change though.
I agree. How can you be second? - ahead of Carlton, Hawthorn and Collingwood?? It's stupefying. Chris Scott has to take a lot of the credit.


Hall of Famer
Jan 1, 2008
AFL Club
Its basically a wind swept Frankston without the nice beaches or scenery of the Central Coast, and about 10-15 degrees colder than Newcastle most days, apart from maybe 8 times a year. I could go on about the needles everywhere, other aspects but enough said.
Jealousy has always been a curse. Geelong is easily the best place to live in Victoria, but sadly is becoming way too pricey. Near impossible to buy a decent affordable home there now. Access to beaches, access to Melbourne, great schools and some really historical homes, parks, Barwon river- it really is a brilliant place to live. If only more people thought like you, it would remain affordable- too late.

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Premium Platinum
Feb 24, 2008
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Diggersrest fc.Tongala fc, Sunbury
I hate Geelong because they sook about everything before during and after each game. They have the rules changed to assist their ageing list. And are still trying to shorten the length of quarters to aid their poor old team!!
Thought you beauty when Hocking left AFL headquarters(back to Geelong) but then he is replaced with Scott’s brother! So we still have the Stand rule to assist slow Geelong.

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