Rumour Which footy person is feuding with a journo?

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Waca Jr

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Mar 6, 2018
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Whateley is a knobhead.

He's a bit like Bruce in that he has this childlike obsession with footballers. He's older than most of them and has been for 20 years but has this starry eyed amazement toward them. They both like horses to strangely sexual degrees, too. Bruce is kind of endearing though in a weird way tho.

Whateley meanwhile is a complete ****head. He has this lilt on his voice that has this addressing tone to it like 'I'm talking very slowly because this is a national address.' His pontificating use of about the same three expensive words is kind of lame too. It's like he should be a flouncing dandy but he isn't. He's just a dickhead. He thinks football and footballers are so amazing and he thinks he's so amazing because he's an analyst of it. The way the Fox cameras swing around when he's chatting too is like that scene in Jaws with the dolly zoom where it goes in and out at the same time.

Good nose on him, too. Has its own postcode

Gak Attack

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Jun 6, 2009
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Whateley, Robbo & Barrett are all flogs of the highest order. Don’t think Hodgey will be having a coffee with Barrett anytime.
Maclure is an absolute moron too. Probably the most bias bloke on fox footy (including Eddie)
Maclure is terrible. Always loves to put the boots in to Richmond and Collingwood because he hated them when he played, gets sooky with Carlton. It has however made the last few years enjoyable though knowing how much he must hate AFL right now.
Feb 27, 2019
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he basically was saying that Lyon had been underhanded, had left the players totally "blindsided" which was very far from the truth (Ross met with most of the players). The situation was Ross had been negotiating with the Saints for months, they were refusing to budge on the length of the contract and money iirc. Freo got wind and snaked the Saints with a better offer.
None of the players knew lmao, he dogged everyone because he was bankrupt and had to fill his pockets, he made some bad business decisions

Cotchins Hair Piece

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Mar 6, 2019
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Me. Indirectly I suppose...

Back when I was a cadet photographer with the Advertiser, a few (very high profile) Crows players threatened to kill my senior photographer I was following around. I was on the otherside of the road from him when it happened, and it was all over pretty quickly before I could rush over, but I got a few threats my way as it ended. It was big news in Adelaide for a short while. This was back in 2005.

I won't name-names here but it's very easily google-able.
Schmaal is a little weasel. If I were in a private place and some little dickbag was taking my photo from outside i’d do the same thing. He was asked several times to stop before things escalated.

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MC Extra Dollop

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Aug 17, 2006
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I'm surprised there's not a heap more really. The journalists need the players and very few players need journalists. So, not in a 'spoonful of cement' kind of way, but life's short, there's not much that a journo can offer most players, so why waste time with someone who pots you?

The Robbo/Buckley one on 360 was pretty funny. Buckley clearly thought Robbo was a complete and utter muppet, yet he was a weekly guest, so he'd just take potshots at him and do what he could to make him look stupid and it went on for years. I think Buckley actually quite enjoyed it.


Jan 22, 2013
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Wheatly strikes me as slimy. I don't watch watch his show with that other greasy operator as they make my skin crawl.
He isn't though. He is actually a gentleman and devoted family man who loves his football club (Geelong). People just like to shoot the messenger sometimes. He is actually one of the better ones.


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Mar 11, 2006
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He isn't though. He is actually a gentleman and devoted family man who loves his football club (Geelong). People just like to shoot the messenger sometimes. He is actually one of the better ones.
Sure he can be all of that, but it doesn't preclude him from being a sycophantic yes-man who says what HQ wants him to say.

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