Which player has the worst Cricinfo mugshot?

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Richard Pryor

Brownlow Medallist
Feb 6, 2013
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IRL he played 2 list A matches 10 years ago, scored 92 in one of them and never played again. Bizarre
The latest info on him I could find, from articles on Kohli's U19 WC teammates.:
He became a household name among cricket fans just because of his name.

"My grandfather was a scientist. He wrote a letter to Albert Einstein and even got a reply from him. I've got no idea [what the letter was about] even though I've read it. My mother was a physics graduate and she teaches Physics in one of the schools. So I'm Einstein. Napoleon is my father's name. We don't believe in God. In our family, we're rationalists. Other people are named Krishna and Ram after Gods, so we were named Einstein and Napoleon after great people,” he said when he was asked the secret behind his name.

Napoleon played a match in the 2008 U-19 World Cup and since then, played just three matches for Tamil Nadu, with the last one being in 2014. According to some of the close followers of Tamil Nadu cricket, Einstein is not playing for any team in the domestic league and they have no idea about what he is doing at the moment.

Napoleon Einstein

The cricketer, who was in the news for his unusual name, was selected by Chennai Super Kings for the 2008 edition of the Indian Premier League. However, there is not much information on him and some reports suggest that that the right-handed batsman does not play professional cricket anymore.

Truely an enigmatically haunting stature befitting of his name.

Park cricketer

Club Legend
Nov 29, 2018
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It's pretty clear that we're by far the greatest club in the Ranji trophy for having produced cricketers with the coolest names in world cricket like Napoleon Einstein, Washington Sundar and Yo Mahesh.

Haters though will tell you it's Mumbai for winning the most titles.

STFU Donnie

Premiership Player
Jul 31, 2012
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Sad thing is this is the most photogenic Lynn has ever looked by far.

Jadeja looks like a magician

Jack Iverson's face didn't even make the cut for his mugshot
That Jadeja pic reminds me of the IT Crowd episode where Roy remarks to Jen that her new boyfriend looks like a magician. And then she can think of nothing else for the rest of the relationship. Very funny.

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