Opinion Which players are worth pick 1?

Who would you trade this year's first pick for?

  • De Goey

    Votes: 82 30.4%
  • Bontempelli

    Votes: 207 76.7%
  • P.Cripps

    Votes: 218 80.7%
  • L.Neale

    Votes: 59 21.9%
  • D.Martin

    Votes: 157 58.1%
  • Fyfe

    Votes: 152 56.3%
  • J.Cameron

    Votes: 130 48.1%
  • T.Greene

    Votes: 45 16.7%
  • C.Cameron

    Votes: 10 3.7%
  • H.Andrews

    Votes: 47 17.4%
  • L.Whitfield

    Votes: 91 33.7%
  • Dangerfield

    Votes: 66 24.4%
  • B.Brown

    Votes: 27 10.0%
  • A.Naughton

    Votes: 62 23.0%
  • C.Rozee

    Votes: 38 14.1%
  • J.Gresham

    Votes: 7 2.6%
  • N.Blakey

    Votes: 18 6.7%
  • J.McGovern

    Votes: 33 12.2%
  • B.Grundy

    Votes: 141 52.2%
  • Max Gawn

    Votes: 54 20.0%
  • Tom Lynch

    Votes: 65 24.1%
  • Josh Kelly

    Votes: 99 36.7%
  • Isaac Heeney

    Votes: 36 13.3%
  • Sam Walsh

    Votes: 82 30.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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Premiership Player
Sep 20, 2015
AFL Club
I personally think Naughton is worth pick one. There's enough exposed AFL form as a 19 year old CHF that warrants it IMO.
I think this discussion is pretty hypothetical. Trading after all is about filling a need.

GWS for example would give pick 1 in a heartbeat for Gawn or Grundy.
Hawthorn would probably give it up for Whitfield.
Essendon would likely hand it over for Jeremy Cameron.
Bulldogs might think about it for Charlie Cameron.

Like Dangerfield to Geelong a few years back, and Neale at the Lions or Lynch at the Tiges this year, a good trade can catapult you into the top four or into a grand final.

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Bookie Assassin
Mar 27, 2018
AFL Club
Other Teams
Cleveland Browns, Tony Ferguson
Would swap pick 1 for Rozee without a 2nd thought. Can only assume you didnt watch many Port games.
Seen more than enough to pass judgment. He’s good for sure, just not the type of player that I’d give up pick 1 for. C.Cameron the same boat...


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 14, 2011
AFL Club
Personally I'd think the only types of players worth a #1 pick would be need to be 25 and under with 7-8 good years of footy left and already top 5/10 in the league. Cripps, Bont for me.

A team with a #1 pick usually just finish bottom, so they're sh*t. No point putting someone like Dusty or Danger on the Suns as they wouldn't be winning anything in the next few years before they would retire.


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 23, 2016
AFL Club
Don't see anyone over 24 / 25 being a straight trade for #1 except maybe Jeremy Cameron.

The two standouts for me are Bontempelli & Cripps, absolute stars at 23 / 24 who are both leaders and guys you build your midfield around. Cripps' game is built for finals, and Bontempelli has already proven he's a matchwinner.

Josh Kelly is a star but his finals form hasn't stacked up for me as yet to put him up with those two, but I'd probably do #1 for Kelly still. Jeremy Cameron at 26 is getting outside the age bracket I'd want, but he's the clear standout forward in the comp to build a team around.

Edit: Almost forgot Grundy. Would do #1 for him.


Senior List
Aug 18, 2009
AFL Club
The number 1 pick is projected to be the best pick of the crop....You also have the entire crop from which to chose ...Hence it's desirability & significance.

There are currently 5 players who could win you a big final off their own boot, being proven match-winners in that context: Martin, Fyfe, Cripps, Bontempelli & J. Cameron.

It's not rocket science.....That's what you would pay a number 1 pick for.
de goey not in that class?

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