Opinion Which players are you looking forward to watching play in 2020?

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The Second Norfing
Jul 11, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Leeds United
I am looking forward to watching the young guns mostly such as:

- Luke Davies-Uniacke
- Tarryn Thomas
- Sam Walsh
- Gryan Miers
- Bailey Smith
- Sydney Stack
- Kysaiah Pickett

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Footy Yankee
Oct 31, 2015
AFL Club
Other Teams
Green Bay Packers Milwaukee Brewers
Not sure how many games he’ll get his first year but Liam Henry seems like he has an exciting future.

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Team Captain
Aug 13, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
New York Mets
Tim Kelly - what will he do in the blue and gold
Lachie Whitfield - pure class
Sam Walsh - Would love to see him back 2019 up with an even better 2020
Sydney Stack - Just love watching this kid
Nic Nat - What can he do if he stays fit with the WC midfield at his feet.

Jason mp

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Valleys. Chelsea.
Stef Martin
Dayne Zorko
Grant Birchall
Mitch Robinson
Daniel Rich
Allen Christensen
Jarry Lyons
Ryan Lester
Cam Ellis-Yolmen
Lachie Neale
Marcus Adams
Lincoln McCarthy
Charlie Cameron
Oscar McInerney
Daniel McStay
Archie Smith
Darcy Gardiner
Harris Anderews
Rhys Mathieson
Sam Skinner
Cedric Cox
Eric Hipwood
Callum Ah Chee
Jarrod Berry
Hugh McCluggage
Jacob Allison
Corey Lyons
Mitch Hinge
Alex Witherden
Tom Fullarton
Toby Wooller
Connor Ballenden
Brandon Starcevich
Noah Anwserth
Zac Bailey
Jack Payne
Cam Rayner
James Madden
Tom Joyce
Tom Berry
Eli Smith
Connor McFadyen
Brock Smith
Jaxon Prior
Devon Robertson
Keidean Coleman


Team Captain
Jan 2, 2009
AFL Club
Cripps (3 kg lighter)
Docherty (my supercoach side will be greatful)
Walsh (AA in his second year?)

that’s enough of my time (I could easily name 6-7 more but I’ll leave it alone)

LDU (3rd year and should be ready to take on a substantial midfield role)
Kelly (How will he cope with the tag and the travel)
Ellis (Is it Richmond game plan or is it the individuals - I think Ellis will be irrelevant at GC)
Pickett (can he keep a spot - was it a one 2m blind turn)
Neale (How will he go with a permanent tag)
Rowell (can he have the same impact as Walsh)
Rozee (is the hype still there)
Buddy (can he get through his contract - can he play a full season)
Stephenson (will he ever return to the pre gambling condition or does he need that extra motivation)


Norm Smith Medallist
May 15, 2006
AFL Club
Tim Kelly - You always want to see how a high profile player goes after leaving
Jack Steven - Reverse of Kelly
Jordan Clarke - Promising young kid
Conor Rozee - See Jordan Clarke
Darcy Fogarty - I think the kid has something special, just needs to build a tank
Aaron Naughton - I feel like he's on the precipice of superstardom
The Freo-Trio - Hell of a draft
Jeremy Sharp - Is he worth pick 11
Charlie Cameron - Loved his work in 2019
Dylan Stephens - Loved his speed and skills


Brownlow Medallist
May 20, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Brooklyn Nets, New York Jets
I’m gonna watch St Kilda’s “big”recruits with baited breath (Hill, Jones, Ryder, Howard, Butler). I really don’t think they’ll make much of an impact (hope I’m wrong for saints fans sakes).

Apart from that I love watching players come back from injury/adversity so keen to see how the likes of Docherty, Titch, Rance, Daniher, Roberton, Higgins etc go.


Team Captain
Oct 31, 2016
AFL Club
Other Teams
Ben king and lukokious, interesting to see how their second years compared to Jonathan Brown's and nick reiwoldts. Also Tom green, Luke Jackson.


Feb 11, 2017
AFL Club
Sam Docherty an obvious one.

But honestly really want to see how Marshall goes with another year of development. Hope the Ryder addition doesn't take too much on ball time away from him.

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Senior List
Nov 17, 2013
AFL Club
Tim Kelly, Charlie Curnow, Joe Daniher, Toby Greene, Aaron Naughton, Tom Mitchell, Jesse Hogan.

And I dont think its been mentioned yet but Richmond as well.


Senior List
May 11, 2015
AFL Club
Other Teams
Ipswich Town FC, Leeds Rhinos
From my club:
- Brayshaw, Cerra and Logue - all young Top 10 picks with some games under their belt and starting their third pre-seasons (I know it's Logue's fourth but he missed most of last pre-season) - time to show us why they deserved to be picked so high (could throw in Darcy as well as one of the most promising young rucks)

- Our three top-10s from this year and our two top-25 picks from last year who were injured (Sturt and Valente) - I would expect all to debut over the season - along with Brayshaw, Cerra, Logue and Darcy, they are the core of our next 10 years, we should soon know if we are in for a decade of pleasure or pain!!

- Hogan, Lobb, Taberner and McCarthy - will they thrive under a coach who's idea of offence is a bit more sophisticated than aimlessly bombing it inside 50?

- Our defence - Pearce, Hamling, Ryan, Wilson, Logue and Young - probably the best starting back six in our club's history - be interesting to see how they compare to the likes of the Eagles and Tigers who I rate as the two best defences in the league

From other clubs:
- Last year's first years who we expect to be guns - Walsh, Rozee, Rankine, the Kings, Lukosius - how will they go in year two and with their first full pre-seasons under their belt

- Stack and Pickett at the Tigers, Naughton and English at the Doggies - how much will we (and West Coast) continue to rue these WA lads slipping through our fingers (and what are the chances of luring them back??)

- The big movers from this off-season - Hill, Kelly, Patton, Betts, Martin - will they have a Lachie Neale or a Jesse Hogan first year at their new clubs

- Big names returning from an injury hit 2019 - Rance, Buddy, Mitchell - will they recover to their former level

- The next generation of our sport's best of the best - Cripps, Bont and J Kelly - are they ready to overtake the big 3 in Fyfe, Danger and Martin


Premiership Player
Nov 5, 2012
AFL Club
Other Teams
There can be only 1
From my team - Eddie, Doc and Tom particularly.

From other teams - Bonts tops my list.
Brisbane (can they sustain).
Freo (under a new coach what style will they play)


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 23, 2016
AFL Club
Daniher & Franklin; hopefully both get an injury free preseason in and we get to watch them be their freakshow selves.

Super athletic key forwards in full flight are the best show the game has.


Club Legend
Nov 24, 2008
AFL Club
Marlion Pickett. Can he be a star with a pre season under his belt or will he just be a role player?
Alex Rance. How will he fit back in to a premiership backline? Will his role change now that Grimes and Astbury can shoulder more of the load? Will he be free to play loose and intercept at will? Don't know.
Sydney Stack. Seems to have come back hungry and in shape, which was such a concern for the club that they had financial incentives added into his contract if he was to come back in good nick.

From other clubs --
Dylan Robertson. Very good player, hope he can get back to his best.
Harley Bennell. One of my favorites to watch when up and about
Jack Viney. Is he a genuine fringey or will he get back to form with a big pre season?
Buddy. Freskshow.


Hall of Famer
Feb 28, 2007
AFL Club
Non Swans players I would have to go with about half the Gold Coast list. Very interested to see how Rowell, Anderson, King, Lukosieus and Rankine go. Those 5 have so much talent it is insane. I don't expect to see them winning much next year but I think seeing their little moments of what they can eventually do will be really interesting to see.


Club Legend
May 23, 2019
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I'm wondering if Rankine will end up with Rising Star. I think Rowell would be almost a formality to win it, but at his best, Rankine can be the best young player in the league.

From my club, I'm eager to see Cody Weightman out there, and more of Rhylee West.

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