Which streaming services do you use/recommend?

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Mar 29, 2010
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Might not be the right thread, but most of what I watch each week is via Kayo.

Does anyone have any recommendations for the clarity settings for a 2021 LG C1 OLED TV (e.g. sharpness, 'super resolution', 'smooth gradation', 'TruMotion') for footy?



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May 25, 2009
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Port Adelaide
Disney+ Have been watching NYPD Blue a fair bit recently. Always watch the new episode of Bob's Burgers when it drops and The King's Men is top of my watch list. Will keep this for a while longer.

Spotify-An absolute necessity for me especially with the long drives to and from work at the moment.

Netflix-Just got a $50 pre-paid cards for this so I guess Ill keep it until that runs out. A new season of Bridgerton is being released so Mum wants it for that but then Ill get rid of it I reckon.

OptusSport-This was a freebie as part of my phone contract. I use this occasionally and have recently changed to Vodafone but it still seems to be working like Im a subscriber. Only thing is its a paid service and they still have ads like FMD!

Kayo-Had this but cancelled because I was not using it. Thinking about getting it again because I want to watch all the old AFL GFs!

10Play & ABC iView

Dont know if Ill get anything else to replace Netflix or if Ill just get Netflix again when I have time to binge watch Stranger Things from start to finish

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