Which team has the highest % of coke heads?

Which team does the most bags per capita?

  • Demons

  • Bulldogs

  • Gold Coast

  • West coast

  • GWS

  • Collingwood

  • Other

  • Geelong

  • Shitney

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Melbourne, definitely. And the best quality too, considering all the broken rearview mirrors.

This morning’s report in The Sun indicates, though, that sh*t is going to hit the fan in a massive way very shortly.

Gil and a few of his mates will be in huge strife. F*ck the (literally) corrupt AFL Commission.
Hocking in trouble?

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Sausage Flogger thinks that I can't see in the list of threads that someone I've ignored has posted. Not hard to guess which ignoramous it is when it happens about 5 microseconds after I post.

What a DH :joycat: :joycat: :joycat:

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GeeLOL flogs thinking they're immune to this story :$

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Geelong premiership player Mathew Stokes can resume his AFL career next month after escaping conviction on a drug possession charge.

Stokes, 25, had faced a potential life ban from football and jail when he was charged with trafficking and possessing cocaine in February.

Magistrate Ron Saines gave the footballer a stern lecture before placing him on a 12-month good behaviour bond and ordering he pay a $3000 fine to the court fund.

Andrew Wilkie is an independent Tasi MP.
I suspect he is anti stadium.
Libs still have control after the election so stadium will go ahead?
Read between the lines (pun intended).
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We already know Colonwobble has been drunk since September. Maybe they mixed their alcohol with...?

Just throwing it out there.

Their supporters are welcome to provide all the other excuses they can think of as long as they don't mind us laughing.

Yeah yeah, I know - Colonwobble? Thinking?

yeah right whatever GIF
I think the AFL should get on the front foot here and have a “Cocaine Round”.
All players and Coaches are trippin’ balls high and punters have to rail a massive line to gain entry.
They could have cocaine served at the bars instead of their shitty beer and have coke venders walking the aisles like they used to with pies.
Ditch one of the inclusive wankfest rounds they have and install the Cocaine Round, I think that’s what the game needs to be honest, the skies the limit really!