Which two teams will drop out of the 8 next year and why?

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Hawks & Celtics losing makes me 😊
Oct 2, 2016
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Other Teams
L.A Angels, Anaheim Ducks & M.Stars
Saints & Dogs to drop out, to be replaced by the Blues & Dockers..


Team Captain
Oct 28, 2017
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Western Bulldogs
In: Carlton
Out: St Kilda

I rate St Kilda but there's just some doubt in mind because so many of their players had career best seasons. Steele, Butler, Howard, Coffield etc were great and may continue to at their level but consistency between seasons for young players is difficult. Depending on how bad Ryder's injury is, that is also a concern.

I'm not absolutely convinced by Carlton but Williams and Saad should be good gets. They need some x-factor in their midfield which Williams can provide and I think with home games and the bandwagon back (following hype after trade period, last season etc), momentum can push them through. Curnow and McKay staying healthy is key.

I wouldn't be surprised by any of Collingwood, West Coast, Geelong or us dropping out with Melbourne or Freo coming in.


Senior List
Aug 9, 2019
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Pre-Trade Thoughts

Out: Pies and Cats
In: Freo and Blues

Pies - Not sure they are structured enough up front and seem to be on the decline from the past few years
Cats - Seemed vulnurable at times throughout the year and another finals defeat would surely be starting to create some psychological doubts

Freo - Loved watching them play this season when I got the chance. Their young brigade have another season and upcoming pre-season under their belt which will help a lot. Their midfield is looking good with Cerra and Brayshaw.
Blues - A bit biased but we didn't get blown out in a match all yeah. We definitely had lapses and continuously failed to play 4 quarters but again we should be better for this season's game time put into players. Weitering, McKay and Walsh showed they will be very solid players for us. Getting Charlie Curnow back on the park with an improving McKay will make for a great forward duo. If Williams and Saad end up coming then they both positively impact our team as well.

Lets see how well or badly this comment ages by this time next year LOL :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 6, 2016
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Pines Football Club
Out Pies
In Freo, Suns or Blose

*Pies out IF they continue this sh1tty game style, if they return to contending footy then no doubt they are contenders. That's the IF, spidey senses tell me they can't maintain ideal game, look at the wc game in season, pantsed a full strength wc on their home deck, no Pendles, Howe or Sides. Then fell off a cliff after qtr 1, question is can they maintain like they did in that qtr and other games like saints and dogs? My argument it's not they aren't it's they can't.

Pies out.

Blues in, biggest lost was what about 6 goals? they're in the window for age demographic, a lot of players in that 22 - 27 yo bracket. Not totally all over it but on face value they look on the rise.

Suns in, don't really know a lot about this team but it seems Dewy has them playing for each other. It's all I got but no doubt they're on the improve.

Freo in, well this is definitely an up and coming team. Serong, Brayshaw, Cerra and the likes of returns like Hamling, Pearce plus the rise of Darcy and guys like Frederick. Add in freaks like Fyfe and Sonny plus the evergreen Mundy hard to see them not overtaking the Pies. Add in JL and now Boyd in the coaching ranks taken from the Pies.

One of those 3 will overtake the Pies - *pending.

Out of the current 8 I don't see any other dropping out.

Note: I know it's blasphemy suggesting the blose will take over the Pies on the ladder. It is what it is folks.

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