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Which Years Did TSL The Have Reserves?

Discussion in 'TSL Board' started by Oliver Gigacz, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Oliver Gigacz

    Oliver Gigacz Premium Platinum

    Western Bulldogs
    May 09
    Melbourne, Australia
    Since 2009 how many seasons have had a Reserve/Development League competition? From what I can make out.

    2009-2010 - Reserves
    2011-2012 - Colts
    2013-current - Development League

    Can anyone confirm this?

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  2. Hawkboy

    Hawkboy Team Captain

    Mar 09
    North West Tasmania
    From my recollections I think the reserves were dropped after the first season (2009) but I will stand corrected.
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  3. Kingpin

    Kingpin Brownlow Medallist

    Jan 04
    Hi Oliver!
    The Tasmanian State League ran the Reserve grade competition in its first season (2009) and was won by Launceston 12.12 (84) over Glenorchy 4.13 (37).
    That same season it had an unaffiliated Statewide League Under 19s competition that was won by Lauderdale 10.11 (71) over Clarence 4.3 (27).
    In 2010 AFL Tasmania had begun the season running properly affiliated TSL Reserves and Under 19s competitions along side their senior competition but in a rather baffling move AFL Tasmania withdrew their affiliation with the Reserves two rounds into the season!
    The Reserves continued to run on its own during that 2010 season and was simply known as the State League Reserves and was won by Clarence 8.8 (56) to North Hobart 7.11 (53).
    From 2011 there were no more Reserve grade fixtures in TSL and the league ran affiliated Senior and Colts competitions.
    In 2011, Launceston 14.12 (96) beat Clarence 10.10 (70) and in 2012 North Launceston 11.9 (75) edged out Launceston 10.13 (73) in a thriller.
    I think, I'm pretty sure in Hobart's final year in the TSL it was still running as TSL Colts and TSL Seniors and after that the TSL Development League came about again as per usual with the endless chopping and changing they've done with the TSL.
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  4. JM71

    JM71 Team Captain

    Jul 08
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    Hobart Tigers, Hurricanes,
    Can confirm all this post.
    Upon withdrawal of support in 2010 for reserves, clubs were even asked to supply their own umpires. A totally ridiculous idea, probably aimed to kill reserves footy. I still think AFLT want a seniors only TSL model, but club politics are thwarting this.
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