Who are your team's most important 5 players currently?

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Apr 12, 2009
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West Coast
2.Nic Nat

I pick Barrass over McGovern only because we've lost a game this year that we should have won because he was not there.

McGovern cannot do one on Ones against big forwards luckily for us there's not many going around.
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Aug 20, 2013
With Hawkins out we could adjust style of play to suit. It may not be as good but it could be done

I think with Stewart out that backline just doesn't work no matter who gets shuffled around.
We could adjust our style of play but we’d struggle to kick a winning score. Two of Esava, Buzza, Stanley or Krueger is not a strong enough KPF combination to win a flag.

Agree that Stewart is super important.

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Jan 14, 2016
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West Coast
How is that controversial?
Probably because many of us would swap Yeo for Kennedy, we have a lot of threats forward, JK isn't even our leading goal-scorer arm.
Darling frequently comes down the ground too to take contested marks when we're struggling to get it out of our back end (eg 3rd quarter in the GF)

That said:

1 Yeo / Shuey - the Smash Brothers
2 Shuey / Yeo - the Smash Brothers
3 NicNat - first use of the ball and general X-factor around the ground
4 McGov - he's a defender who forces opposition teams to change game plans as they try and manouver around him. He is a defender who often picks up a tag also.
5 Hurn - our play maker with who can boot it up to 70m and who rarely ever misses a target

Btw anyone remember which media personality dubbed Yeo and Shuey 'The Smash Brothers'? I'm racking my brain but can't remember
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