Opinion Who comes in if the AFL approves a six man interchange bench?

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Apr 23, 2020
AFL Club
West Coast
- Schoey: He's just outside our best 22 and only plays when the team needs and extra tall lockdown defender or if there's injuries to our KPDs. There's been talks that he may not come to the hubs for business reasons though.
- Duggan: Add extra lockdown on mid sized and small forwards and rebounding to our defence.
- Williams: I'd have him in over Hickey or Vardy any day. need his leap and athleticism to back up Nic Nat.
- Brander: KPP sized on the wing may provide some mismatches up forward.
- Hutch: Very useful for tagging purposes if a gun opposition midfielder or a running rebounding half back runners are on fire. Can also play a defensive forward role.
- Nelson: Very useful for marking mid sized forwards but lacks power to break tackles when running the ball out of defence hence why he gets done HTB.
- Redden: Keeps his spot.
- Rotham: If Schoey decides to stay in Perth for business Rotham should come in to play as that extra tall. More of a rebounder rather than a lockdown KPD.
- Waterman: Love his workrate up the ground and provides extra marking option up the ground.
- Allen: Great versatility and may even pass JK as our number one forward in the future since I still believe Darling is a second forward in my opinion even though he's outperforming JK at the moment.
- AhChee: Had a great game as one of our most damaging forwards alongside Ryan against the Dees, I'd say he keeps his spot. Hopefully he can fill the massive void Rioli left.
- Petrol: I like to see him play more deeper so he can lead into the footy with his pace where no defender can keep up with him.
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We Talk Footy podcast
Jun 5, 2004
AFL Club
West Coast
On the Duff and Quarters podcast, the word is that Schofield is weighing up whether he goes or not. His role was as a mentor in the WAFL side this year and a "break in case of emergency" defender for the main side. He's on match payments only and has business interests in WA, as does his wife. Can't see him going to the hub, tbh.

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