Play Nice Who finishes highest out of Melbourne, Carlton and Gold Coast in 2020?

Who finishes highest

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Jan 7, 2011
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These threads have been good value in recent preseasons and I think the main board's lacking for not having them this year, so have at it!

Pretty simple, these three teams finished bottom 3 last season, so that's why they're together.

Obviously Gold Coast are unlikely to finish highest, but it could be an interesting battle between the other two.

If I had to pick one I'd go Melbourne, but Carlton did win more games in the 2nd half of last season than the Dees did all year (and lost two more by under a goal), so it wouldn't shock me if they finished higher.

Don't see it as a certainty by any means that Melbourne will just flick a switch and be a finals team again.

For one thing they were the highest scoring team in 2018, but there are now big questionmarks over their forwardline, so high scoring is one part of their game they could struggle to recapture.

They desperately need T-Mac back to full fitness and form, as they're generally a much better team when he's there and firing.
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Cotchins Hair Piece

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Mar 6, 2019
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I love what Carlton are building and their balance however I do think they’re probably another season away from being ultra competitive, they will over take us after this season. Post/pre-season surgeries killed us last season and I have no doubt we’ll bounce back this year and will finish somewhere between 7-11th with Carlton just below us.

Gold Coast? Absolutely no doubt they’ll finish last.

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Jan 12, 2013
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I went Melbourne. They had a mare of a season last year, is that their true form going forward? Potentially. They've had another off season to work out their game plan, you'd think coaching staff at AFL levels will get it together this year.


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 14, 2012
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Why do you think scoring badly will help them?
Left the barn door open for that zinger, their raw data was ok given their low finish, but no Melksham no
Melbourne never thought I would say that, but it is hard to replace an AFLX legend. I think if they had
made Melksham the captain of Melksham's Marauders AFLX would still be alive today.

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Brownlow Medallist
Jul 15, 2014
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Surely Melbourne? They’ve addressed needs over the off-season and still have a lot of talent on their list. Probably more talent than in 2018.


Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 29, 2006
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Melbourne for me. We had a shocker last year. Barely any midfielder did enough pre season on top of the likes of Tmac May Melksham Lever etc. then we copped injuries in season which just compounded things. There’s no excuses at this point as most players are getting through most of pre season. Also add Langdon who is the exact type we lack and Tomlinson who’ll also play a wing role and we will finish higher. If not Goodwin might be looking for a new job.
Carlton I like though. They have some real talent and are starting to get games into the players. Another year or two off.
Gold Coast who knows. Have some talent to work with but need to both develop and retIn the talent. Could be years off but are in a decent position.


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Nov 17, 2016
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I'm tipping Melbourne will have a much better season this year, it would be disappointing if they don't make the finals. I'm leaning towards us making the top 8.

I like the talent on Carlton's list and I can see them improving enough to get themselves in finals contention. I think Melbourne's potential in terms of what they can achieve this season is higher than Carlton's, but I wouldn't put it past the Blues to finish ahead of us again if we only see minimal improvement from the Dees.

Reckon Gold Coast will see an improvement in wins and percentage, but I still think they will be down the bottom of the ladder. I'd have them finishing last but if it becomes noticeable that there is clear improvement and development in a lot of their younger players then I think they will be on the right track and I can see a situation after this season where there is enough optimism on the Suns making a move up the ladder in 2021.
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Fork n Hell

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Mar 7, 2018
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Melbourne 11 wins- improved showing mainly due to better fitness across the list, but questions still remain about Goodwins coaching.
Carlton 9 wins- steady improvement, moving towards finals contention in 2021.
GC 4 wins- scratch together a few wins throughout the year against lesser teams and somehow manage to score 1 major upset.

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