Prediction Who gets picked up as a Delisted Free Agent?

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Jun 2, 2013
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The Exers
The key thing to watch for the next month. Be interesting to see who clubs think are good enough to get a crack elsewhere.

Names that come to mind:

Harley Bennell -> Sydney sounds like a lock.
Chris Masten's been linked to a couple of clubs (though maybe more likely as a rookie?)
Lions might get rid of a few handy names, think Josh Walker, Ben Keays, Sam Skinner and perhaps Nick Robertson.
Wylie Buzza could be a handy depth KPP for another club, ditto Lachie Henderson (assuming he gets delisted)
Riley Knight and Sam Gray's statuses are still up in the air, though it sounds like they're more likely to re-sign now.
If Jay Kennedy-Harris and Billy Stretch get delisted could see them garnering some interest?
Connor Menadue had a bit of interest early doors and it doesn't sound like he'll get another deal at Richmond.
Brandon White, James Rose and Jack Trengove I think of guys that could do something at another club.
There's a couple of clubs that sorely lack experienced ruck depth too though I have NFI who the best options are in that regard (more likely state leaguers?).

Anyone I'm forgetting?

Red Black and Blue

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Oct 1, 2006
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Everton, Storm, Victory
Michael Hartley likely delisted by us.

Always ok as KPD. Clubs could do worse than get him

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Should we really be delisting him? Hooker looks cooked as a backman. With Hurley, Ambrose and Francis all in the best 22, we'd be down to BZT as KPD depth.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 27, 2006
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Michael Hartley likely delisted by us.

Always ok as KPD. Clubs could do worse than get him

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I reckon he'd find another home somewhere. Has the height and engine to play on anyone and can kick the ball a mile. Won't get a ton of the ball outside kick in's and he's not an intercept mark type. Would suit a team who needs a stop gap solution for 2-3 years. His games at AFL level this year were quite good (though i think it was only 2-3 games as he was firmly behind some of our other options).

We may yet keep him. If lists were bigger than 40 I doubt we'd be de-listing him because he's actually good AFL depth.


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Oct 12, 2018
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Brisbane Lions
Not sure if he falls under this category (think he does?), but I'd expect Murray to be picked up.

Nick Robertson I think will end up at GWS as a DFA.

Clubs could do worse than look at Buzza as well.

Virgin Dog

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 29, 2017
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Western Bulldogs
Can see someone picking up Lukas Webb. Think the Hawks were previously interested, he just seems to have stagnated with us and needs a fresh environment. Reckon he has a chance at making at - at worst he ends up a club's best VFL player on minimum salary, so is surely worth the punt for someone, just not at the Dogs anymore

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Sep 18, 2015
The Hippodrome
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Brandon White has been delisted by the Saints, was consistently one of your best in the VFL and should have been given more opportunities at senior level. Tough, good overhead and has a quality long left foot kick. Would not be surprised if he was picked up elsewhere, Hawthorn could be all over a type like him.
Seems more like a type that plays in the VFL for a year then gets picked up in the draft. Mid season draft type


Oct 29, 2003
La Paz, Bolivia
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Richmond should definitely consider Harley Bennell. I think we could make him work.

I realise Hardwick said a few weeks ago we werent that keen, but it sounded more like a throw-away line.

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