Who is the best shooter of all time?

Who is the best all time shooter in NBA history?

  • Jason Kapono

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  • Mike Penberthy

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  • Nikola Jokic

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  • Terry Mills

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  • Mark Price

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  • Kyle Korver

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  • Mike Miller

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  • Dale Ellis

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  • JJ Redick

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  • Brent Barry

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  • Antoine Walker

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Closing in on Ray Allen now too... 15 shy of the record. 2-3 games away.
or one game away if he really wants to make a splash ...

fidstar let's take the anamorphous lens , focus on the shadow SC casts ... whatever the reason be it Molson Wilson or Spalding (or contract/team psychosomatic'ism[sic]) , Duncan Robinson and Damien Liddard's numbers are materially impaired. So , to scale the mountain is one thing , to deflect all comers and rivals is another indeed

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What you thought I would go search for something to disprove you?

Why would I need to do that when I've been following the NBA since the early 80s?

I've seen them all play.

I'd rather watch the mastery of Hakeem in the paint than watch Steph jacking up threes. Three ball is ******* trash.

And again you totally ignore the piss easy defensive land that the NBA is today.
Hakeem Olawujon was an amazing player in his day. The best player in those 1994 and 1995 Houston rockets side that won NBA titles.

His teammate in Robert Horry was an excellent shooter as well. Won 7 NBA titles with 3 different sides.

So yeah he has won the most titles as an NBA player not being a Boston player.
shooter GIF
If you wanted someone shooting for your life, from anywhere on the court, under pressure with a second on the clock, in game 7, who would you want taking that shot?

Which players would want that shot and be most likely to hit it?

The best shooter is the one who does it when it matters most.