Who is your current favourite Melbourne player?


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Apr 15, 2013
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Has over 80% disposal efficiency, the clangers thing is a myth. Hurley (Who is a better overall player) averaged more clangers in his last full season than McDonald in his last two.

I'm not saying they don't happen but they stick in the mind, whereas the other 9 kicks that hit a target don't.
My bad, thought were talking about Melksham

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Oct 18, 2013
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Nev is still #1 with me but Oliver is closing rapidly, he does something every week that has me smiling and shaking my head.

He's like a Greg Williams (handballs in close to set up play are amazing), Sam Mitchell (so clean picking up the ball on both his left and right) and Scott Pendlebury (moves through traffic with ease, his sidesteps to beat tacklers are amazing) all in one. Freakazoid.
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Oct 9, 2014
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I am not sure if this is a serious thread, but I have always been a Watts fan.

Even that first game against Collingwood he looked a class above other players.


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Oct 19, 2013
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Bernie Vince. Such a lad. Love the cheeky 55m dish goals and when he gets agressive seemingly out of nowhere. So i loved his game on the weekend.

He is relatable in a playing way too, not the best kick or the hardest or smartest player but still puts together the odd BOG game. I love watching Viney as he is a beast but i can't relate to his toughness nor Watts or Salem to their kicking skills.

Bernie is a bit of a mix, like Tyson. Also love Tyson. I like pretty boy inside/ outside mids that can kick 50m goals i guess.

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