List Mgmt. Who Will Do A Jones

Which player will force his way into best 22 by the end of the year

  • Kerr

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • Schumacher

    Votes: 7 6.4%
  • Macreadie

    Votes: 20 18.2%
  • Goddard

    Votes: 3 2.7%
  • Garlett

    Votes: 12 10.9%
  • Polson

    Votes: 15 13.6%
  • De Konning

    Votes: 9 8.2%
  • Casboult

    Votes: 7 6.4%
  • Lebois

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • JSOS

    Votes: 15 13.6%
  • Lang

    Votes: 4 3.6%
  • Phillips

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Lobbe

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 5.5%
  • No one

    Votes: 5 4.5%

  • Total voters

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Hall of Famer
Nov 13, 2015
In Transit
AFL Club
On the back of Matty411 best 26 squad, which player will force his way into the squad before the end of the year, a la Jones. Whether that be a change of position, having a better run with injuries or just improving compared to other players. I have left out last year's draftees, apart from Walsh, who has already been voted a starter. Will also update the names once our list has been finalised

Consensus 2019 Lineup

FB: Lachie Plowman (121) - Liam Jones (110) - Kade Simpson (146)
HB: Tom Williamson (105) - Jacob Weitering (150) - Caleb Marchbank (151)
C: Marc Murphy (99) - Ed Curnow (104) - Zac Fisher (118)
HF: Mitch McGovern (147) - Charlie Curnow (149) - S. Petrevski-Seton (114)
FF: Will Setterfield (53) - Harry McKay (149) - Alex Fasolo (116)
R: Matthew Kreuzer (132) - Patrick Cripps (152) - Paddy Dow (144)
I: Nic Newman (87) - Matthew Kennedy (87) - Jarrod Pickett (51) - Sam Walsh (40)
EMG: Lochie O'Brien (17) - Dale Thomas (8) - David Cuningham (6) - Tomas Bugg (2)

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Premiership Player
Aug 30, 2017
AFL Club
After looking at that list my first instinct response Garlett. Predominantly played as a small forward last year, training with the backs now, fits a few of those categories.

Macreadie a chance, needs to get his body right, play some footy and then probably has to do enough to take Jones' spot.

Jack becoming an inside mid or defender? Got a few to get ahead of, be it the like of Kennedy, Setterfield, Plow, Marchbank, etc

Kerr has apparently been training a bit as a KPD but I understand is a fair way back in that regards.

Polson may continue on from his rd 23 efforts and force his way in.

Was it just injury holding Lang back last year?

I'm gonna stick with Garlett. Meets the criteria to do a Jones and realistically we could use his pace and run in the team as long as he can provide the defensive output to match.


Hall of Famer
Oct 15, 2008
AFL Club
After looking at that list my first instinct response Garlett. Predominantly played as a small forward last year, training with the backs now, fits a few of those categories.
I'm gonna stick with Garlett. Meets the criteria to do a Jones and realistically we could use his pace and run in the team as long as he can provide the defensive output to match.
Feel the same way and largely because we're looking at something we haven't got.
Garlett in the backline could be that fire-starter. May not happen but just what I see and that comes about for some of his VFL form last year.

Macreadie is next in line but only opportunity may bring that about.
Don't want any of our backs to go down (Liam...what are you doing) but if he gets his chance, we may see something interesting.

Cuningham. How can I leave him out?
I've got to the point I'm almost willing him across the line.....come on Dave. Make the first 22 and it could be yours for some time to come.

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Sep 26, 2004
AFL Club
I'm not sure we'll see anyone do what Jones did in 2017. At least not to that extent which certainly doesn't happen very often.

You could argue Daisy did similarly last year albeit not with the same effect. Most would have had him leaving the club at the end of the major contract we brought him in on, but he did and played well in a new role behind the ball.

For mine, to truly "Do a Jones" you're looking at older blokes, who are at this stage unlikely to be at the club in 2020, to completely regenerate their careers in a different position.

You're probably looking at the group of Casboult, Lobbe, Phillips and Bugg. And at this stage none of them really jump out as realistic candidates.

If you're talking younger players, you've got a bunch who probably need a big year to really feel confident of their spots on the list heading into 2020 - Lang, Garlett, Cuningham, Lebois and Kerr. Most have been around a while now and need to kick on in 2019, whether that be in their natural positions or as beneficiaries of a role change. Sometimes it's as simple as a clean bill of health or even just an opportunity that they will benefit from most.

Of all the blokes on the list though the most interesting for mine might be Fasolo. Has shown himself previously to be very capable at AFL level but lost his way over the past few years and now finds himself at a new club. Expect him to play mostly forward with stints up the ground, much like we saw from Wright over the past few years.

I think he might be our best candidate to truly "Do a Jones" in 2019 albeit not in a completely new position.

Coona Blues

Director of Coaching
Nov 3, 2011
Bundaberg, Qld
AFL Club
So the thread is about those not in the "consensus" squad of 26, leaving the following for assessment.

Stocker...…………...Young gun mid with skills, probably slow burn with all of the other youngsters being integrated. Expect him to be a long term piece.

Kerr...………………..I pity young Patrick, projects as a step up from Levi in terms of forward craft. Lesser pace, agility and X-factor likely see him behind
Harry, Charlie and Mitch as KPF types. TDK also has forward claims which will likely fast track him in to the 22 as a ruckman. Hard to see PK usurp JSOS
or resting Crippa, Bam Bam and Setters as "third tall" options. Recently took on a delegate role with the AFLPA, so clearly held in positive regard by his
peers. Hoping he can find a medium to long term role with the club, even if it is predominantly leading the attack in the twos. Has the ability to play good
footy at the top level, but the timing sucks..

Schumacher...….Plenty of gumption in the kid, and loves the Blues. Medium/3rd tall defender, maybe midfielder with a laser left boot. Building nicely last
season, but think he lost some ground over the break. SoapyV and a couple of others made veiled reference to alternate duties, perhaps as a result of how
he presented after the break. Will be interesting to see how it plays out, but hard to see him debuting any time soon for me.

Macreadie………...Starting to project as a maybe/almost type. Big enough to be a KPD, but clearly from preseason vision has not been asked, or not wanted to add much bulk to his body for the one on one wrestles. Has pace for a big man, smarts, skills, is there a tall flanker roll? I doubt it given the mids we have to
try to fit in. Plenty to like, but where? Who is he in front of?

Goddard...………..Plenty of Saints supporters miffed at his delisting. Projects to me as one likely to find a spot in the long term side. Big boy with plenty of smarts. Good interceptor, but unlike some of our other KPD types, has the body to mix it with the big boys. Working on his running and endurance both at club level and self starter with coaching ala Crippa. Could be an absolute steal. Less spectacular than the Jones boy, but may just turn out more effective.

Garlett……………..Has been marked very harshly here. Has elite talent and athleticism. Down season last year after sustaining what could have been a season
ending shoulder injury. Soldiered through, probably at the club's behest, but to his detriment. Even the boldest players can falter under impending contact on a shoulder injury that is a when, not if it hurts. Reportedly training well in defence, and get's a clean slate in my book.

Polson...…………..Loved him at draft. Showed good signs in the midfield in the 2's. Then we tried to reinvent as a defensive forward, testing the patience of most supporters as he initially struggled. Made of "the right stuff" and his pre draft and training track skills suggest his efforts to date have been largely due to "trying too hard" to follow instructions, rather than playing instinctively. Showed some signs at the end of last season that he was attaining some comfort levels and perhaps was starting to feel he belongs. Jury is out, but much greater competition for spots now.

De Koning...…...Definitely going to be "a player". Conjecture over role, ruck or forward. Certainly has some merit up forward, and SOS did intimate this at draft time, however an interview shortly after commencing had him declare Lobbe and Kreuzer as his "mentors", I think it is safe to say the club sees him as a ruck first, surely for team balance if nothing else. His forward prowess should allow considerable "blooding" time in the top side, to fast track a successor for Matty Kreuzer. Getting plenty of "love" from the right places, will be played at every reasonable opportunity, while also tasking him with increased ruck minutes in the twos.

Casboult………….One wonders if Levi has been fortunate or unfortunate in the timing of his career. A bit of a one trick pony, with his aerial work his main claim to fame. Kicking, while improved, has been seen as poor across his journey. Offers little at ground level, and passages of play often seem to stall when the ball hits his hands. Not enough instinctual flow to his game. Has been fortunate to play a hundred games, however unfortunate to have more often than not been the focal point in an undermanned forward structure, copping the bulk of big defender attention. Thanks mate, can't see much opportunity now.

LeBois……………..We all want a mercurial small forward. Has the tricks, but struggled to get on the park, and when he has, his numbers have been poor. The club has shown the faith, it is difficult to see why, for most of us.

JSOS...…………...Why oh why is he lumped in this group. Still a kid, but approaching 50 games. Yeah, his role is unclear, but has plenty of skill and smarts. In an established team, would have had little game time till this stage of his career, yet is copping expectation beyond reason. Has some perceived limitations, but has some significant strengths. His pedigree and early game time may have given him some degree of entitlement early, but last season left him in no doubt, he will have to fight for a spot.. Has plenty, and I will back him in for a long career, although may spend some time in and out of the side.

Lang...…………….High production, inside type as a junior. Injury and lack of opportunity has punctuated his career. I was super impressed at his first final for the Cats in 2017. While battling yet more injury, we have yet to see that intensity in the Navy Blue. A neat and skilful player, he must want and earn a spot with our added midfield talent for the coming season. Capable depth, but can be a little better, the ball is in his court.

Phillips...…………More than capable, and a point of difference from our other rucks, in that he has a very good leap. Soft tissue injuries have punctuated his career, perhaps limiting his physical development as much as game time. We live in hope that he will overcome the niggles and at least supply solid depth for another 5 years. If his body fails him again, it is virtually impossible to see his career continuing beyond this season.

Lobbe……………..Capable and combative ruckman, perhaps approaching the twilight of his career. Will not let us down if called upon to shoulder the ruck duties. I can't help that feel it will be an either/or with he and Phillips beyond 2019, as we look to the future. Plenty of doubters on ours and other boards, but great depth, and a great clubman.

BSOS...…………..Was impressed with what I saw at Maroochydore when he had an opportunity to train last preseason. Average underage performer this season, but may have been more design than deficiency. Could have more growth yet, to fill those size 16 boots. A 196cm (plus) swingman will be a very welcome addition to the squad. Probably unlikely to see game time this season, but you never know.

Fin O'Dwyer…...The ultimate left field selection chequered (and unobtrusive) underage career, but would have had plenty of viewing along side his mate
BSOS. In the middle of a massive growth spurt, adding further intrigue as to just what we have drafted. Happy to see how the mystery pans out.

Owies...…………….Reports have him performing well on the track, bar his disposal, which is clearly, at best, rusty. A free hit as a category B rookie. Plenty of time to get up to speed. If his basketball highlights were any guide, an absolute terrier. Will not surprise at all if he "makes it".

This season, I see JSOS as a certainty to play considerable games, TDK to be managed/integrated in to the team with up to half the games. Garlett is a huge chance to claim a rebounding defender spot, Polson will get his chances, but stiff opposition from Fasolo, Bugg and the midfield group. Lang and Macreadie should get some opportunity if their bodies cooperate. Goddard is the "dark horse" for mine, we need a big body down back, and he just projects better than Jones, long term.

Kerr won't let us down if asked to play a role in the top side, as is the case for our depth rucks.

A little there for some conversation, maybe.
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