Who would you have at North Paul Roos or Mark Williams.

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Jun 4, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
In light of the fact that Choco threw his hat in the ring for the main coaching gig but wasn't even short listed, I reckon that he'd probably be spending a fair portion of his time white-anting Noble.
Been a few rumours about Choco over the years in that regard. Not necessarily even him doing it on purpose, but he's competitive, can overstep boundaries, and occasionally sees slights/enemies that aren't actually there.

If you don't have him in the top job then you'd want to have him tightly under control. Personally I was really disappointed that we supposedly didn't even give him a second look for the senior coaching gig as the fire still burns there for him.

As for Roos vs Choco, I'd say it's apples versus oranges. Roos probably is quite capable in playing that auditoresque mentor role at various levels of the club (even if it costs a kings ransom), but choco is clearly very capable when it comes to player development.


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Jul 6, 2006
Hong Kong
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Roos is the right person for where we are at, what needed to be done and how those changes were presented to the public. Once those administrative, procedural and other issues are deemed as being sorted and we start to move up the ladder then someone like Choco can be useful. I think that the roos appointment gives the perception of being sensible and that is what we needed as we had been so badly destabilised by how the club was being managed in the past few seasons.

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