Prediction Whose progress are you most excited to see kick on next year

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smashbox gill

Premiership Player
Jun 25, 2008
AFL Club
We saw a lot of our players really take a big step this year, but who are you most excited to see continue to progress next year?

For me it’s JSOS, all Carlton supporters love a Silvagni. I was nervous by the amount of criticism and doubt supporters had with him at the start of the year and it was good to see him doing so well. He’s still so young and he’s now starting to show it. His desire is the second to none and he is the heart and soul of the team.

SPS - really showed something off HB with his clean disposal
Harry - his contested marking was phenomenal now we just gotta work on his goal kicking
O’Brien - his running ability and foot skills really shone in the 2nd half of the year
Weitering - started to show his potential and now has the confidence in his ability at this level
Setterfield - first full season in the AFL and showed glimpses

There’s so many more - TDK, Dow, Fish, Cunners, Marchy

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Hall of Famer
Oct 15, 2008
AFL Club
There's a lot and obviously you want every player to progress.
There are a few I'm particularly keen on, as should they become the weapons we think they may become, the total shape may be in place.

1. Setterfield - The back-up to Cripps in the midfield and forward.
2. Dow - Had an ordinary year given the talent. We need that midfield break-away speed to come to the fore.
3. McGovern - Has to become the player we paid for.
4. Stocker - Of course, Stocker

Need good pre-season for the whole and things may be a little easier than they were for some (Setterfield, Dow and McGovern in particular)


Jul 25, 2019
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Have to agree with Harks and say Will Setterfield, the upside to this kid is limitless, will kick on to bigger and better things in 2020. The biggest bargain the galaxy has seen since Uncle Owen bought R2-D2 from the Jawas on Tattooine. 🤖🤖🤖

Also extremely intrigued to see how Ben Silvagni goes next year.


That name again...
May 18, 2008
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Stocker and Dow, for me, since I am none the wiser as to how each player will turn out in the long-term.

Setterfield I am fairly confident will be a very good player, Walsh is a boring elite gun, SPS is already tracking well, the big forwards have all shown that they will be great in time.


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 20, 2006
AFL Club
For me

Curnow. His injury really was bad news but he is still physically probably fully developed. I think he has the highest ceiling of any of our young players and will be at an age next year other star KPP’s were already AA. Time for him to step up and earn his huge salary. Really has no excuses anymore.

Marchbank. Going into his sixth season, so probably the age where he should take the next step if he is good enough. He really is a nearly player, and hopefully it clicks this year.

Stocker. I find him intriguing. Physically already a bull and hopefully we can get an idea of what he will be in the future.

Dow. Being from Swan Hill and only ever hearing great things about him, I want to see this kid succeed more than any other on our list. Composure is key and it’ll be interesting if that improves this year or if maybe he is just another Kerridge type where it never really does.


Brownlow Medallist
Oct 11, 2009
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Stocker and Setterfield provide the perfect compliments to Cripps in the middle. If those two progress as hoped, we will terrify other midfields.

Will also allow Walsh to rip teams to shreds from the wing and roll through the middle as relief with SPS, Dow, LOB and Fisher.


Team Captain
Apr 1, 2010
AFL Club
I like the underdog - so I like to see players who surprise or come from further behind than the others.

There's 2 in particular I really want to see develop next year in JSOS and Gibbons .... guys with football brains. I hope we see them both get a little bit more midfield time (although probably depends on recruiting). I think they're both good decision makers and creative. Our success will have a lot to do with how good the 'bottom 6' of our best 22 are.

The other is Stocker - be nice if he has a couple of games this year where we see some things that get us all salivating for 2021 and beyond.


All Australian
Nov 8, 2018
AFL Club
This is not an easy call but for me I think it’s Stocker.

All the others mentioned - SPS, Weiters, Dow, Fisher, O’Brien, Setterfield, Marchy, Cunners, JSOS etc have all shown that they belong at the level and although have had ups and downs, they are young and have shown the talent to be best 22 in future years.

Stocker hasn’t played enough games to prove it yet but I just lived his confidence. He looks to have some real mongrel and his attitude to me reminded me a bit of a young Hodge. Can’t wait to see him get better and better and start intimidating opposition.

Owies is another I get the feel will turn into a solid forward pocket. Hopefully Eddie can teach him all the tricks.


Jun 4, 2006
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Nice thread. Well done.

I'm super excited to see if Stoker even remotely reflects the conversation. If so, he is exactly what we need in the midfield.

Like the idea of seeing some output from Cunners but, Stoker is the player I am most curious about therefore excited to see some development.
oh well done, nice thread, woopty doo........

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Club Legend
Oct 3, 2017
AFL Club
Setterfield, Stocker and Dow for sure. But I think the progression of Fisher will be interesting with all these small forwards and half forwards coming in. He's now got a fair bit of competition from when he first entered the club but how he meets that task will be intriguing. Reaches the next level and he can be best 22, he's shown he's got what it takes. Depth is gonna be really nice to have if everyone is fit, healthy and fighting for their spot.


All Australian
Mar 31, 2010
AFL Club
Keen on a whole bunch of players but if I had to pick one, it would have to be Walsh.

Had a record breaking year as a skinny 18yo - We know he will be a gun but given age/development profile, one had to wonder what level he gets to new year.

Assuming injury free, top 3 BnF looks guaranteed - what else could he do?

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