Prediction Whose progress are you most excited to see kick on next year

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Jan 16, 2016
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The 2019 performances of Weiters, H, Charlie, Cuners and Jack, allfrom the 15 draft was a lesson in patience. Waiting for the maturity to kick in - body and mind.

So this year, I'm excited to see how the 16 draft haul step up

Pick 6: Sam Petrevski-Seton, Claremont / Halls Creek
Pick 27: Zac Fisher, Perth
Pick 47: Harrison Macreadie, Henty
Pick 59: Cameron Polson, Sandringham Dragons / Haileybury College
Pick 61: Tom Williamson, North Ballarat Rebels / St Patricks College Ballarat / Ararat
Pick 65: Patrick Kerr, Oakleigh Chargers / St Kevin's College (* minus Patty)

Plus Setterfield. Definitely Setters.


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Aug 30, 2017
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The 'we've hardly seen you lately' group: Doc, Willo, Cuningham
The 'let's see what you can do when you're actually fit' group: McGovern, Kennedy.
The 'welcome (back) to Carlton' group: Eddie, Martin, Newnes, Pittonet and whoever we draft.
The '16-17-18-19 midfield' group: Walsh, Setterfield, Stocker, SPS, Fisher, Dow, O'Brien, Gibbons (honorary member)
The young talls group: Weitering, McKay, Curnow, Marchbank, De Koning, both Silvagnis
The 'recent training reports have me intriged': Cottrell
The 'old favourites': Simmo, Murph, Ed, Kreuze, Jones, Levi, Plow
The 'lets see how far he redefines the term beast mode'... Cripps

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Oct 2, 2005
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Steelers,Dodgers,Casey Stoner
I think we will see Setterfield become a regular in the centre square next year and see why SOS placed that bid and why he went after him again via trade, a full preseason, after a good come back year from his acl, will see Setters tear apart the contest at centre stoppages and raise himself to elite status early in the year.

Paddy WOW Dow will get his wow back next year after a strong preseason working with Russell and an even bigger one working with Diesel, the kid will really start to play consistent footy and shine with his pace and burst from the contest, will put his kicking woes behind him and go from strength to strength as the season rolls on, a regular at stoppages along with Cripps, Setters and Walsh we will finally see our young mids reach and display there potential on the big stage. Diesel says “Dow has improved again” and that is good enough for me as he doesn’t hand out compliments freely.

The other one I think will have a break out year is OB4Kinobi, he of the killer left leg will make the left wing his own, with his space making run and his bullet left leg he will be a major architect in our forward forays and will set up some of our best entries hitting Charlie, Harry and Gov lace out on a more than regular basis. Late last year saw him really start to believe he belongs at the top level and he will begin to repay the faith, first of all of SOS for taking him at Pick 10, and then Teague for backing in his run and decision making when kicking inside 50.

Dow and O’Brien have probably been the 2 that the media and other so called draft experts have questioned the most of SOS draftees, they have regarded our draft that year as a fail to this point in time, that my friends is about to change as these 2 stamp themselves as regular best 22 AFL players and deliver another win for the great man SOS and his team of recruiters.

Get set for a huge year Blues fans as our youngsters come of age and put the green shoots way back in there rear vision mirrors and really start to drive our relentless climb back to the top of the heap, the number of players that are going to step up this year will surprise and shock the competition as well as us Blues supporters as well.

We are at a sweet spot for our development and will really start to reap the rewards of our patience in this rebuild, everything will come together next year, the return of Docherty will solidify and strengthen our defence to levels we could only dream of in years past, the emergence of our young mids will astound and make for a stellar year out of the centre square for the Blues, along with Kreuser getting a full year in and dominating the ruck duels while constantly driving the ball forward for us, the return of Eddie and the acquisition of Martin will add the flair and xfactor to a young forward line on the brink of exploding and dominating opposition defences for years to come.

A big year where quite literally anything is possible with this talent laden list, a year that will stamp us as the team to watch.
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