why are Port allowed interstate finals?

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Brownlow Medallist
May 5, 2016
AFL Club
Yes, for a long time that was the mantra of your club.

You wanted to play in Melbourne, and clearly still do, because ultimately, those games make you more money (exposure, sponsors, more members).

You make more money from games in Geelong, because you don't have to pay the cost of the ground down there due to the charity from the AFL and government.

At any time your club could have said they wanted a condition of the ground expansion to include 11 games (minimum game conditions are in place for many grounds after all)...but they never did that, did they?

Oh wow the AFL has kicked in something like $6 million out of $140 million from every figure i can find.

It's all thanks to the AFL.

Who pays for the MCG mate. Do the Tigers have raffle ticket sellers going around barely scraping up enough for the upkeep of the stadium?

I couldn't care less what we did. The notion that we survive and make money only because we play some games in Melbourne was a stupid thing to say because it isn't true. Don't say it if you don't want to be pulled up on it.

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