Why is VFL/SANFL/WAFL/TAFL/NSWAFL /NTFL state leagues when all teams are all in one City or nearby???

Jun 11, 2019
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Yes, shouldnt it be
Vfl should be melbourne football league
sanfl should be adelaide football league
wafl should be perth football league and the other fremantle football league
ntfl should be darwin football league
tfl should be hobart football league or whatever, like sydney football league in nsw

cos it sure aint state leagues lol, more like city leagues

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Jan 15, 2004
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The original TANFL prior to World War II had all four clubs based in the inner Hobart area. North Hobart, Cananore, Lefroy and New Town.
After the war Cananore and Lefroy both collapsed and were replaced with Hobart and Sandy Bay.
In 1947 the Clarence Football Club, based on the opposite side of the River Derwent were included as were the New Norfolk District Football Club, based 38 kilometers up the river in the Derwent Valley.
It wasn't until January 1986 when the TANFL was liquidated and became the TFL Statewide League that new clubs were included.
Both North Launceston and East Launceston, based in the central northern capital, 198 kilometers from Hobart joined the league.
East merged with City-South a few months later and became South Launceston and played their home games out of City-South's Youngtown Memorial Ground high up on the hill.
The following year the Devonport Football Club left the NWFU and joined the league playing out of the Devonport Oval, 285 kilometers from Hobart.
The same year the Cooee Bulldogs from the NWFU rebranded themselves as the Burnie Hawks and joined the TFL also.
They played (as Cooee did previously) out of the West Park Oval in Burnie, 325 kilometers from Hobart.
The Hawks merged with West Park co-tenant Burnie Tigers from the NTFL in 1995, calling themselves Burnie Dockers.
Launceston Football Club became the third TFL club to be based in the Launceston area in 1994, playing out of the Windsor Park ground in Riverside, 208 kilometres from Hobart.
They quit the TFL and rejoined the NTFL in 1998 as did South Launceston.
Sandy Bay folded in September 1997, Hobart also left the TFL at the end of 1997 and joined the Southern Football League.
Southern Cats were a brand new club to represent the Kingborough and Huon region of southern Tasmania from 1998 but played all bar two of their home matches at North Hobart, most of their supporter base were ex-Sandy Bay supporters, as were their players.
It folded in May 1999 after only 27 matches, failing to gather any enthusiasm from the region they were formed to represent.
In 1999 New Norfolk were dumped from the league and joined the Southern Football League in 2000. The league itself collapsed at the end of that season.

The current state league in Tasmania is called the TSL. That formed in October 2008.
At its inception it included Burnie, Devonport, North Launceston, South Launceston, Launceston, Hobart, North Hobart, Clarence, Glenorchy and Lauderdale - a former amateur club based some 25 kilometers south east of Hobart.
After a lot of meddling by AFL Tasmania, the TSL has struggled along with countless changes.
Hobart, South Launceston, Devonport and Burnie have all left the TSL and play in their regions.
Kingborough Tigers, a former Huon and SFL club were brought in to replace Hobart and were rebranded as Tigers FC, representing the Kingborough and Huon regions of southern Tasmania.
Curiously, they play in Kingborough's old colours and play on Kingborough's home ground at Huntingfield, about 17 kilometers south of Hobart.

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Sep 22, 2011
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Can't really speak for other states but the VFA, in it's early years, had Geelong, Ballarat, South Ballarat and Ballarat Imperial.

Even if they all didn't play each other on a regular basis due to travel and random fixtures, they were still members of the association. Hence Victorian Football Association.
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