Will the Granny sell out?

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Nov 25, 2016
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Yeah I think so, my group ended up getting 3 single seats (and I got 1 single seat from Tuesday’s sale), all category 2 for $381 and in row VV at the back.
Same here,
Got on at 11:58 and straight in.
Got 3 tickets in row VV between the Cricketers Club
and scoreboard.
Gabba a great ground for viewing so not to worried as its a fair way from what our usual seats are( or used to be pre covid).

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Premiership Player
Jan 22, 2007
AFL Club
St Kilda
Might have been. The estimate is 10k tickets for the public. 9500 people ahead of me in the queue, and I got to the front after about 16 minutes or less? No tickets.

10 minutes is a good guess.
Geez that’s a fair kick in the teeth for all the haters and Sandgrop....er naysayers. Good on you Brisbane !.

From the AFR today:

The corporate boxes and suites for Saturday night, where prices can reach $2700 a head, have all sold out despite no local teams playing, defying the naysayers.

The AFL says 90 per cent of all corporate packages and seats were bought by Queensland businesses. That’s despite competing with the spending next month on a massively popular State of Origin rugby league game and a Bledisloe Cup match between Australia and New Zealand.”


Club Legend
Mar 22, 2009
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Gill the Dill said just under 1,000 tickets were available, 12.03pm > all gone.

Brisbane could have sold out twice as many tickets easy, all this with the prices being the same as they would have been at an MCG Grand Final.

Take a bow Brisbane footy public.
And to think some said it wouldn't sell out LOL It was always going to sell out, a rare GF in another state well done QLD

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