Certified Legendary Thread Winged Guernsey Petition/Letter - #ReturnTheWings: WINGS RETURNED, PERIL RETURNED - JOB DONE! - Pt.2

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Mar 21, 2017
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The video shouldn't have been made in the first place considering the circumstances, and when the Sekem connection was pointed out in the comments it should have been acknowledged by the club, not whitewashed and covered up.
I agree with what you’re saying but legally the club isn’t in a position to do either of those things.

We go through sh*t like this with suppliers at work. They’re bad suppliers, and we’d love nothing more than to rip up the contract with them and go elsewhere, but because they’re providing the absolute bare minimum required to fulfil their obligations, we can’t.

Castore provided the jumpers, albeit through a third party, so we’re therefore obliged to advertise them.

It’s sh*t, I don’t like it either, but there’s not much the club can do about it.

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Jan 9, 2013
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...behind a paywall :unsure:
West Coast Eagles turn to Burley Sekem after issues with new apparel partner Castore Sportswear
Headshot of Braden Quartermaine

Braden QuartermaineThe West Australian
Fri, 19 March 2021 7:20PMComments
Braden Quartermaine

Andrew Gaff, left, in the early-shipment Castore jumper and Josh Rotham, right, in the Burley Sekem-made version.
Andrew Gaff, left, in the early-shipment Castore jumper and Josh Rotham, right, in the Burley Sekem-made version.

West Coast have been forced to turn to century-old local manufacturer Burley Sekem to create an emergency set of playing guernseys, after a premium British sportswear brand backed by tennis star Andy Murray couldn’t deliver suitable jumpers on time.
The Eagles will run out for their season opener against Gold Coast at Optus Stadium on Sunday wearing guernseys made by Burley Sekem, but badged as if produced by new apparel partner Castore.
West Coast signed a three-year deal with Castore last year, replacing ISC.
But the Liverpool-based company, which had never made an Aussie Rules guernsey have not been able to satisfy the Eagles’ requirements over the summer.
West Coast chief executive Trevor Nisbett said the deal with Castore, who partner Scottish soccer champions Rangers and have designs on entering the English Premier League, was secure.
The first shipment of Castore jumpers featured a new-look visible stitching design and blue seam that split the iconic gold wings and were widely criticised by fans on social media — including being labelled “atrocious” and “like a fake you’d find in some market in Kuta”.
Nisbett said the club’s problems with the Castore guernseys related to being the wrong sizes for players, rather than the look, and that COVID-19 issues had exacerbated delays.
The problems have meant several Eagles have played in pre-season matches wearing the wrong numbers and the team photo and other promotional shoots had to be pushed back.
The Eagles at team photo day in the Burley Sekem-made jumpers.
The Eagles at team photo day in the Burley Sekem-made jumpers. Credit: Daniel Carson/AFL Photos
“Some of the sizes weren’t right and we couldn’t take any risk, so that’s why we got Burley to make this other set for us,” Nisbett said.
“Probably a month ago we decided to get some made locally. But we’re dealing with Castore and they’ll get on top of it eventually.”
Castore co-founder Tom Beahon said entering the AFL market had been a “steep learning curve” for the company, which boasts Murray as a shareholder.
“The guernsey is, I think it’s fair to say, a unique product probably in world sport,” Beahon said.
“So for us to come in as a new brand to that, we knew that it would be a learning experience.
“There’s been a fairly significant external challenge adding a bit of pressure, given that Coronavirus has just made factories harder to work with.
“This season it’s only going to go from strength to strength ... we’re very excited about the season ahead.”
A Burley Sekem representative told The West Australian he could not comment when asked if the company had produced the new Eagles guernseys.
Burley Sekem has joined Fremantle this season as their new apparel partner, replacing ISC.

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