(winter) Love Island UK 2020


Oct 9, 2013
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Western Bulldogs
Just want another place to chat about how good Paige is. that's all.
Haha. Paige is pretty good, she's eased up on the ball busting of Finn now. Good craic though.

I like Sianese or whatever her name is. How she says things just cracks me up. Luke T is good also.

Was a pretty slow start to this season but last week and a half or so it's gotten heaps better. Was a shame that Connor got booted so early, he was my fave guy from the originals.

Minidisc MD

Nov 29, 2019
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Western Bulldogs
this Scottish bloke in here is a knob, wannabe alpha male who just talks himself up but they're just compliment fishes. one side of your body having tatts and not alternate sleeves makes you unique? spanner.

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