Welcome With Pick 33 in the 2020 AFL Draft Geelong selects Shannon Neale

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Club Legend
Nov 18, 2013
AFL Club
With pick 33 in the 2020 AFL Draft Geelong selects

Shannon Neale.

202 cm Ruckman 92 kgs

Welcome Shannon

The slow cook commences.

GO Catters
Basically another Rhys Stanley, we definitely have our type with Ruckmen, think its a good selection aswell.


Simpson for Strawberry
Oct 3, 2013
Right Field
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Draft Central report: https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/player/shannon-neale/

From the report, I'm really excited by what I'm reading here:

"Neale utilises his athleticism on the football field, using his vertical jump to launch over other ruckmen in the ruck contests, but also to soar over defenders to take strong contested marks. Neale has good toe off the mark and gains handy separation on the lead too, ensuring he can provide a good lead-up option while stationed forward and diversify his play."

"His athleticism also ties into being able to cover the ground well. Neale possesses the tank to be able to play like a fourth midfielder in the ruck, and is able to mark well around the ground. He looks to still be sharpening that tool, and could certainly benefit from utilising his running capacity to a greater extend while up forward, getting further up the ground to link his side into attack with marks down the line. Part of that is his developing football smarts and as quite a raw footballer, Neale will only get better in terms of football smarts with experience."

Sounds like a really great prospect in the young mobile ruckman department. Welcome to the club Shannon!

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Hall of Famer
Dec 10, 2003
AFL Club
surprised that we would go that way after adding Tsap ..but fine cant whinge ..as aI have wanted this for months. Why him ratehr than a local... maybe a question but if they rate hime then fine


The Impaler.
Oct 2, 2019
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Transylvania Impalers.
To put his athleticism in perspective, Oliver Henry is 3.01 seconds for the 20m and most of you crap on how athletic he is, Neale is 3.04 for the 20m. Not bad for an undeveloped ruckman. Basically, he is fast off the mark and with a big body like his, it would be very hard to stop him up forward. Like the pick and what the potential is. Perfect for a draft like this.

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