Welcome With pick 50 GFC Welcomes Cameron Taheny

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 3, 2014
AFL Club
Better chance of getting a game if you're a defender under Chris Scott.
I reckon its a part of the Cats development and induction plans for new draftee's to send them into defence for stints, unless they are already defenders.
They only reverse it with natural defenders if they think they can play forward, or they are being tested in other positions before being delisted or traded.

Tony Barber

Club Legend
Apr 6, 2017
AFL Club
Not sure I like the kicking action to be honest.
I can't think of another left footer that kicks it inside out. Has good composure though.

The rabbi

Brownlow Medallist
May 13, 2007
Geelong West
AFL Club
Other Teams
St.Albans (Geelong Football League)
One-sided left footers always cop it way more than right footers... You just notice it more because you're right footed and it "looks wrong" to you
Us Left footers are often discriminated against.
I think that it is a hangover from the old Protestant V Roman Catholic sqabbles.;)

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