Without saying their name or number, who is your all-time favourite Crow and why?

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Rabish Binney

Left out overnight
Sep 7, 2021
Off the land, rural SA
AFL Club
Other Teams
Sturt; Man City
Initially rookie listed and then delisted....and subsequently redrafted in 2006.

Described as an old fashioned footballer. Fantastic hands and great below his knees. No nonsense footballer.

Made the half forward flank his own and should have gotten an AA guernsey in 2009 but missed out to Leon Davis of all players.

Cruelly hampered by shoulder issues....

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Panther Blood

Oct 21, 2012
In a Treehouse
AFL Club
Other Teams
South Adelaide, Cove Cobras
Numero Uno is the bloke who rang rings around the oppo, took home 2 Normies, traded for a bloke who used to play for Souths.

My second fave got in trouble for doing doughies and burn-outs. Such a top bloke too.

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