Woodville - Team of the Century (Part 2)


Nov 21, 2019
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Hi Folks, Just recently discussed a former Pecker/ Warrior who I believe hasn't been discussed previously...we missed one! LOL...Noel " Moonta " McCormack. Thought this chappie had above average ability, but perhaps didn't fully realise his potential.

Was about 6' 2" in height and could play in a variety of positions. As his nickname implies he hailed from Moonta on the Yorke Peninsula. Noel played 50 Games and dobbed 15 Goals from 1981-3. Methinks, he was a victim of M.J. " GOD " Blight's end of '83 cleanout sale...

Was pursued by South Adelaide and chalked up some League games with them in '84 only ( I think..) before returning to " the sticks "... Can anyone recall the boy? Thought he was a better than average player, also does anyone know how many games he played for the Panthers?

All feedback most welcome. Have fun everyone, Cheers all TBW.
Hi there-Yes I remember Noel-I think that I played a few games with him before he left the Mighty Moonta FC-he wasn’t a local as such but was transferred there in the Bank-he quickly became an Association player before heading to the Peckers at the end of ‘81?i think.Great Athlete who could read the play well.


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May 3, 2007
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The Big Warrior is appearing soon on The Einstein Factor with his special subject - Woodville victories over Port Adelaide.

My favourites:

Yes, it's hard to go past 86. The sight of Ralph streaming into goals. The resoluteness of Max Parker. The blood of Ron Fuller.

But 78 at Alberton. Russell Hutton doing the job on Russell Ebert. Mike Coward in the rooms after the game for The Big Replay - his glass eye shining off the TV lights as he interviewed a towel-clad Lindsay Heaven.

Of course, the 1986 match at Oval Avenue. Kym Dillon in the commentary box said "You'd pay a hundred dollars to see football like this".

Blighty stitching up Martin Leslie for a lazy 9 at Adelaide Oval in 85.

And seeing myself running across Woodville Oval with a flag on the Channel 9 replay after the draw in 74! :D

P.S. Wasn't Paul Harradine's massive bomb for a goal at Football Park against Port in a win in 84?
Paul was also a souths player wasnt he? RIP

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