Rumour Woosha to Freo..

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Altum Volantes

92 - 94 - 06 - 18
Aug 4, 2003
AFL Club
West Coast
Well it didn’t take long for the jungle drums to start beating about a possible role for John Worsfold at Fremantle in 2021. No suggestion he’ll take Longmuir’s job, just one of those ‘I’m not a senior coach anymore’ roles.

Pro: If they become successful after he joins we can claim he fixed their club.

Con: If not even mighty Woosha can fix Freo, his legacy will be tarnished and Freo trolls can run down Woosha like they do with Peter Sumich as a scapegoat for continued failure.

Pro: Could be undercover job to bring them down once and for all.

Con: Woosha in purple. Gross.


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Maroubra Eagle

Senior List
May 24, 2008
AFL Club
West Coast
Why does it feel like Fremantle are trying to channel the Eagle’s aura and success to change their fortunes? Longmuir was an assistant coach at the Eagles (Though he did play at Fremantle). Mark Lecras was employed as a part time Specialist coach late last year..or was he let go with restrictions on assistants? Now they would like to get Woosha as a mentor. After 26 years are they finally realising that to be successful they need to bring successful people into their club?


Premiership Player
May 1, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
I think he'd be good for their culture but can't help but feel the game is passing him by a bit.
It is, certainly from a senior coaching perspective, but he’s had pretty much all the experience you could possibly ask for. He’s coached a side to the pinnacle of a premiership side plus had to deal with extreme external pressures off field at both clubs. Even dealt with the rebuilding of both clubs in his tenure with us and the bombers, albeit in different circumstances.

For someone like Fremantle with a young coach still finding his feet in the coaching world having someone like that would be invaluable I think, like a football director role. Although I believe right now Adelaide would be a better fit in that area.

I think the game is too quick to get rid of sacked coaches, to be honest. Often coaches that don’t make it were terrific assistant coaches prior.

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 13, 2014
AFL Club
West Coast
I can Woosh being a good fit. As a mentor to JL and also their younger players.

Freo have to start generating buy in from the talent they are amassing from their time in the doldrums, otherwise they just become another finishing school for Vicco clubs. Look at the difference Stu Dew is making at GC. I reckon they are going to lose far less of their cream in upcoming trade periods due to what he is building there. I think Woosh is an absolute gun for that side of things and getting blokes to want to run through walls for him.


Club Legend
Apr 29, 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
As someone who is directly associated with 3 of our 4 premierships, i hate the idea of Woosha putting purple on. Essendon i just pretend isnt happening. But if Freo had success with Worsfold, and all the purple trolls came out of the woodwork to say "thanks for giving us Worsfold" id vomit.

I like having the edge on North Melbourne and thanking their posters for Simmo, while they remain flagless for 20 years. Dont like the idea of the purps being able to give us stick.

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