World Cup Day 16 England v West Indies @ Southampton. Now featuring N/R option in the poll.

Who will win?

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Brownlow Medallist
May 5, 2016
AFL Club
Took 4 wickets now? He’ll have all 10 by the end of the night...

Joe Root outbowled him! He actually got the most dangerous batsman in their lower order out cheaply
Oh sorry my bad, I over exaggerated by a whole wicket.

Your point is strengthened way more now. (What you’ve actually done is made me realise that of his three wickets, one was the top scorer, one was an all rounder, and one was a tail ender. Gee if I didn’t know better I’d almost think that was an even spread of wickets. At least if he took 4 as I thought he did, you could claim 50 per cent of them were the tail)

Maybe you could have bowled Ben Stokes at Carlos Braithwaite instead

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