Opinion Worst/least favourite 10 matches you have seen involving your club

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1. 2008 GF v Hawthorn
In hindsight it was probably the catalyst for our success in 2009 and 11, but this one hurt. Blew a golden opportunity against the arch enemy after losing only one match for the year.

2. 2013 PF v Hawthorn
Had them on toast at 3/4 time and should have iced it. Wasn't the loss itself that was so heartbreaking, but rather the manner in which it occurred. We let this one slip.

3. 2013 QF v Fremantle
First genuine home final since forever and we mark the occasion by losing. Says it all really. The incessant sooking from Freo + their supporters, the media and general public in the buildup regarding the choice of venue made things worse, not to mention Ross Lyon's remark about Geelong being a 'regional centre' and 'not a world-class venue'.

4. 1995 GF v Carlton
Won both finals by 15 goals and was absolutely convinced that this was our year. Went on to lose our 4th in 7 years whilst going down by our biggest margin all season. One of the more insipid performances I've seen in a Grand Final.

5. 1992 GF v West Coast
Shouldn't have let this one go after leading by 5 goals during the 2nd quarter. Instead, we let up 3 goals before HT that gave the Eagles the momentum. A big kick in the guts after coming close in 89.

6. 1997 Semi v Adelaide
Probably our best opportunity with the 90s group. Win and we play a Bulldogs side in the Prelim that we matched up well against, and potentially St Kilda in the GF who were a relatively weak minor premier. Went down in a nail-biter, things may have been very different in 97 if this were held at the MCG, a few 50/50 calls went our way, and we'd made sure of some easy shots on goal.

7. Round 10 2006 v West Coast
This game pretty much epitomised our season - went off the rails when everything looked on track. WTF is the only phrase encapsulating this one.

8. 2001 v Carlton at Princes Park
Buddha Hocking's last game and we celebrate it with a 70 point loss, failing to kick a goal for 3 quarters. Not Milburn's finest moment as he knocked out Silvagni. Will remember this game most for Carlton supporters carrying on like utter imbeciles and almost causing a riot.

9. Last year v Sydney (110pt loss)
Probably the worst performance I've ever seen from any Geelong side - can only think of 1-2 that even come close. Very unusual to see a top 4 side go down by 100+

10. 1992 v Adelaide at AAMI Stadium
Lost by 15 goals to a side out of finals contention, and we'd beaten them by 20 goals earlier in the year. Malcolm Blight gave Adelaide a guard of honour as they entered the field in a botched attempt at reverse psychology. Some bloke called Scott Hodges kicked 12 goals. Simply a case of :drunk:
I'm only doing the last 5 years. Here goes. No particular order.

1. Round 1 2014 vs Fremantle (5.16 46 def. by 17.14 116)
Just the most frustrating night of football imaginable. Our pressure in the first quarter was terrific and we lead at quarter time as a result. Then the next three quarters happened... Yeah.

2. Round 15 2012 vs Carlton (8.14 62 def. by 12.13 85)
We were on a ten game winning streak and coming up against a team that was apparently in crisis after a 50 point loss to Hawthorn. I was expecting a percentage booster. Instead, I got a nightmare. We lost to ****ing Carlton. This game is best remembered for Sharrod Wellingham pole-axing Kade Simpson.

3. Round 24 2011 vs Geelong (8.5 53 def. by 22.17 149)
We went into this game 20-1 with a ridiculous percentage. We'd been spoiled rotten this year. So imagine the horror I would have felt during this performance. It was a dead rubber and I didn't really go in expecting a win. But I didn't quite expect a 96 point drubbing either.

4. Round 3 2012 vs Carlton (9.8 62 def. by 18.14 122)
Pure horror. The blackest of Black Fridays. A ****ing nightmare. Luke Ball did his ACL. Ben Reid did a hamstring. Marc Murphy flipped the bird at our cheer squad. Everything about this night ****ing sucked.

5. 2013 Elimination Final vs Port Adelaide (9.9 63 def. by 12.15 87)
The most disgraceful finals performance I've ever seen. Full credit to port who really made us look even worse but boy oh boy... Just a shit weekend made worse by Carlton advancing through to the semis the next day.

6. Round 21 2014 vs Brisbane (8.8 56 def. by 18.15 123)
We got pulled the **** apart by Brisbane on the MCG. That game essentially exitnguished our slim finals hope for the year. It was not a night to remember.

7. Round 21 2015 vs Richmond (7.14 56 def. By 23.9 147)
To me, 2015 was a year filled with honourable and agonisingly close losses. Needless to say, this was NOT one of them. Any Magpie fan brave enough to sit through that last quarter deserves to be commended. 9.0 to 0.1 in about 25 minutes. Losing to Richmond is bad enough but the realisation that a team that was previously a percentage feast for us in recent years was reversing the roles stung too.

8. Round 16 2014 vs Gold Coast (10.15 75 def. by 11.14 80)
This side had no bench in the last quarter. We went from 6.3 to 6.13 over a two quarters. CLINTON ****ING YOUNG DROPPED A ****ING CHEST MARK 20 METRES OUT WITH TWO MINUTES LEFT!!!! ARGHHHHH!!!! Two words that summed up the game. Frustration and Agitation.

9. Round 18 2015 vs Melbourne (7.12 54 def. by 12.19 91)
"What the ****? What the ****ing ****? What in ****ing ****'s name happened? How the **** could a team that had battled so manfully for the whole ****ing year turn up and dish this ****ig crap up? What the ****?"
~ My reaction to checking the score on my phone after the game.

10. 2011 Grand Final vs Geelong (12.9 81 def. by 18.11 119)
Any grand final loss is devastating and heart breaking but this one really stung badly. One of the best home and away seasons in our history simply wasted in 3 hours. And what stung the most was that we couldn't have done much more. That was the absolute best we could offer but it wasn't enough to beat them. All year, they were better and it showed in that one game.

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Round 22 1997 v Melbourne. As it happened all we needed to do was beat bottom of the table Dees and we'd have been in the finals in our 3rd year. In the end they battered us by about 8 goals.

2003 Elimination Final. First final, truly woeful performance.

2006 Qualifying Final v Adelaide. Threw away a comfortable lead at half time, didn't score in the final term, pissed away a chance to host a Prelim.

Round 7 2008 v Melbourne. Another abomination against Melbourne, 50 points up at half time, 56 up early in the 3rd, still 32 up at 3/4 time, go down by a goal despite having the last 3 or 4 scoring shots of the match.

2013 Grand Final. Obvious one this, never gave ourselves a chance with some deplorable kicking in the first quarter, nobody wins a flag kicking 1 goal in a half of football.

Round 18 2014 v St Kilda. Probably the worst performance in the Ross Lyon tenure, no excuse of major player rotations on this occasion, just a shithouse inept performance.

2014 Semi Final v Port. 12 goals to 5 from Port after half time after leading comfortably at half time in a final, at home.
Just a few off the top of my head

Round 9 2013 vs Adelaide. That game still haunts me.

Round 1 2007 vs Collingwood. Grant's miss from the goal square

This year's game vs Collingwood. The worst game North game I've attended. Throughout the third and last quarter, I just sat there in disbelief that we'd actually managed to stuff it up. Was so gutted after the final siren

Round 16 2001 vs Essendon. Essendon's massive comeback, don't have a great recollection of it but my dad (Essendon supporter) constantly reminds me of it

2007 QF vs Geelong and PF vs Port. Demolished by both teams
I'll do the worst 10 since 2010

1. 2014 EF loss against Port Adelaide. Game over in 15 minutes. Cannot think of a worse Richmond loss this decade

2. 2012 loss against Gold Coast. Just shocking really

3. 2011 loss against Carlton. 103 point loss to Carlton, where they scored their highest ever score of 184 against us.

4. 2013 EF loss against Carlton. Richmond lost to 9th-placed Carlton while they were 5th.

5. 2015 EF loss against North Melbourne. Played alright, but it meant that Richmond lost 3 EFs in a row

6. 2014 loss against Melbourne. What a horrible loss, not much else to be said about it.

7. 2014 loss against Essendon at the Dreamtime. Felt like a 100+ loss

8. 2013 loss to North Melbourne, where Richmond lost by 62 points. They were coming off a good period that included 5 wins by the margins of 41, 38, 60, 64 and 9 points from memory, and they just come and destroy us by 62 points. Felt horrible

9. 2015 loss against Adelaide in AO. Felt like 100+ loss and was of the worst beatings I saw Richmond cop in the last 3 years, yet it only was a 36 point loss. Richmond was coming off a great win against a Hawthorn side that demolished 3 sides by 70+ (two of them being top 4 teams), so it was pretty disappointing.

10. 2015 loss to Fremantle at the MCG by 4 points. That loss came as a shock, since Richmond pretty much had the game in the bag...until the last minute. Horrible feeling after that loss.
Man i feel like a kid in a candy store

1. 2013 Round 2 vs Essendon - Felt like death. Anger and worried about the end of Melbourne where my thoughts after watching this absolute garbage
2. 2011 Round 19 vs Geelong - Almost topped the fitzroy record against us
3. 2000 Grand Final vs Essendon - Watching a premiership go up in smoke to the dominant bombers
4. 2004 Elimination Final vs Essendon - Frustration
5. 1988 Grand Final vs Hawthorn - Got smacked, thanks to geelong for erasing this record against port for worst grand final loss
6. 1996 Round 1 vs Geelong - belted
7. 2013 Round 18 vs North Melbourne - At this point in 2013 i was used to it but but no supporter should be getting used to 100 point beltings
8. 1997 Round 2 vs Collingwood - thumped by the arch rival
9. 2015 Round 7 vs Hawthorn - treated like witches hats this year
10. 2012 Round 8 vs Sydney - For some stupid reason i was really looking forward to this game, i was disappointed with the outcome and constantly reminded as Howe won mark of the year with the scoreboard always showing in the replay
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