Would footy be better without national expansion?


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Mar 17, 2009
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No big deal at all. In fact theres a thread in the Giants board that answers that particular question.

Mine? Couldnt give a stuff about the game until the Giants came along. Grew up in an area that hated the sport in the 80s.

Wasnt till I started keeping an eye on the Giants that it all changed.

You really have no clue about the sport outside your bubble as your posts suggest.

Do you think all expansion clubs supporters just switched clubs?

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I certainly have my issues with the AFL expansion as its affected footy here in Tassie. However, the game was inevitably going to become professional & develop into a national league. It is what it is. But it could be better.

The one thing we do see is the bubble many Vic supporters seem to live in. A sad level of ignorance & arrogance is all too obvious with some. How quickly they forget the mess the state leagues were in before this more professional era developed. Rattling tins if I remember. They also forget, are too distanced from, or just dont care about the mess regional & rural football is in right now.

One should read Martin Flanagan's article in last weekends age newspaper. A sad read on Vic country & Tas footy.

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