Opinion Would've we made the Grand Final and even win the flag if we beaten Collingwood in the Elimination Final?

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Apr 23, 2020
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West Coast
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Richmond and Collingwood.
I've been plagued with what ifs ever since we got eliminated and its only a one point loss FFS. I just have to post it here.

Do you reckon we would've beaten Geelong and then Brisbane in QLD to face Richmond in the grand final at The Gabba and even beat them to win another flag so Nic Nat, Shep, Gaff and Kelly can be premiership players or would've it been too much that they're more superior and would've smashed us especially we have no Yeo, Rioli and Venables.

There's a part of me that thinks we'll win another flag had we got through the Pies but the reality part of me reckons we get smashed by the Cats. I reckon we would've dished up better against the Cats than rubbish that the Pies served up. Geelong btw is using our 2018 kick mark plan and it's working for them but it's NOT working for us for the past two years. What are they doing right that we're doing wrong to make it the the granny.

I think the reason why we could beat the Cats is because they move the ball slow like us and it allows our defense to set up. Teams who've beaten us this year have mainly played a chaos fast ball movement style which doesn't allow our defense to settle and plus they have superior leg speed in their midfield to run quickly to stop any kick mark options and force us to go down the line. Nic Nat would've been a huge weapon against an average ruck in Stanley and we'll score from centre bounces.

Not sure how we'd go against Brisbane tbh.

I reckon if we'd miraculously gotten past Geelong and Brisbane then I reckon we'll lose to the Tigers by around two goals. Soldo would've been their biggest lost against us considering Nankervis gets smashed by top tier rucks and Soldo does well in nullifying them like in our round 14 match. Balta could smash Darling to shreds and their chaos ball will be our downfall. However, we do have the style to beat them and if we can kick straight, lower the eyes and smash them in the stoppages then we could win another flag.

May edit this post if I made a mistake or if I'm adding something.

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May 30, 2018
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West Coast
Yes, I think we would have.

I hate sounding like a stupid campaigner, but we played very well against collingwood. Ultimately some stupid missed shots and very very very ridiculous umpire calls got us in the end- 'deliberate' OOB, the trip against redden whereby treloar booted it out of his hands, the non-HTB call on the wing and the baseball style underarm throw while we were charging into the FWD 50 that was missed all led to cheap goals. Conversely, crap-pies played their best game of the year against us. Mihocek's ridiculous left foot, 50m floater comes to mind.

Also, Shuey/Redden/cripps were very raw due to missing mutliple weeks and worked into the game nicely. The team would be and should be peaking now.

I'm also not mad about it. It's the right season to have a shocker. I expect some bottom end to lift their game next season to take us a few games further.
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Bigfooty Pessimist
Sep 16, 2006
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West Coast
Had we beaten the pies and had Port had lost their QF I could've seen us making a prelim final. But that's as far as we'd go imo.

Not sure how we'd have gone against Geelong in a SF in QLD. We'd still lose imo but not as bad as the pies did.

Hell Yeoh

Senior List
Jun 19, 2020
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West Coast
No way we’d have beaten Geelong in the Semi.

Weirdly, feel we could have beaten Port, Brisbane, and Richmond in QLD in a semi.

Also feel we could win the GF if we had a week or two to acclimatise back in QLD.

... Then I remember that Ah Chee, Petch, would be starting best 22, because we literally have no other options but to play them. So definitely not.

(still have hope for Petch due to age)


Premiership Player
Feb 20, 2018
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West Coast
No chance. Our bottom 6 players were too weak. There is every chance we would have been smashed against Cats as well, like we were in 2017 after we beat Port in a close one.

In a weird way, I prefer that we lost. There is no hiding from the fact we were nowhere near good enough. Time for Simmo to overhaul the gameplan and fire us up for a good crack next year.

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Official Halftime Oranges Man
Aug 6, 2017
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West Coast
At the pointy end of the season, we are understandably full of hope and belief, voodoo charms and desperation even, anything to get us through the finals.
We pump up the tyres of our dreams with probabilities, stats, hypotheticals and we cling to luck.
But more often than not, the ladder doesn't lie.
We are where we are because that's where we are and where we've been all year!
Sometimes the truth stares you in the face, but you just can't accept it.
Simmo needs to change tactics -we need a coaching overhaul! (Just look at the Cats!)
And yes, the old cliche-a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link-rip out our weak links!


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Aug 14, 2004
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West Coast
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Cardiff City

Just no.

Collingwood lost to Geelong by 68 points.

Yet we couldn't even defeat Collingwood at home.

There is no way the club can be worth consideration of alternatively going on to defeat Geelong and Brisbane in night matches in Queensland, given both the form and tactics displayed this season.


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 5, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
No. We would have expended all our petrol tickets vs Collingwood the week prior and then got flogged by Geelong, just like Collingwood did.

FWIW I said we were done when Yeo fell over. Dont have the desire to do the hard stuff that wins premierships without him.

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