WWE SummerSlam - Monday 12th August 9am AEST

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Sep 30, 2003
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Well that was far more entertaining than it had any right to be.

- If Bray is as responsible for his own reinvention as the internet is prepared to give him credit for, he deserves a massive pat on the back. (Yes, my lantern is my own severed head - I'm glad you noticed!) Agree with those saying the Fiend needs to be used very sparingly on TV.
- Goldberg/Ziggler is the template they should stick to for old guy return matches.
- Most entertaining Berk match for a very, very long time.
- Trish can still go pretty well.

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Nov 28, 2004
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Quick thoughts:
Takeover was still better
(pre-show clips: Poor Buddy)
There were smart in their match placement to get the submissions match out of the way early.
Goldberg was good, don't care about Ziggler at all.
Just because the crowd chants "this is awesome" doesn't mean it is. Cheer really loud instead!
Bayley/Ember worst match of the night.
At least 2 lots of "I'll use my opponent's finisher on them". Poor agenting.
Trish has the best performance of the night.
Bray's new gimmick was fun BUT they needed to make him a total irredeemable psychopath. Balor was wearing white, have him bleed.
Crap finish with Kofi-Orton. Either the crowd was dying or they don't mic the arenas well enough (or more likely they pump up the volume of the commentary so loud).
No more Brock reign, so that's a plus.

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