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Talons B Sharp
Sep 26, 2012
AFL Club
2019 Yabby Medal Placings

The Winner of the 2019 Yabby...

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James Worpel!

Unbelievable 2nd year from the Worpedo. Has turned into a star in such a short time. He came from nowhere in the Yabby. Chased down Henderson who held the lead all year. Worps got in front of him after Round 22. We have a very special player on our hands. Well done James!


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Ricky Henderson!

Ricky had his best year yet at age 30. Very impressive for a delisted Free Agent. He has definitely taken the mantle as the best DFA there has been so far. He wasn't as dominant in the last 3rd of the season but he was still consistent throughout. Great season Hendo!


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Jarman Impey!

In his 2nd season with the Hawks he has become a revelation. Not many would've predicted the heights he got to this year. If not for a very unlucky serious knee injury, he probably would've taken home the Yabby this year. Gun.


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Ben McEvoy!

What else can you say about this Hawks Champion. He is a true leader and rarely ever lets us down. His contested marking is as good as there is in the comp and for a big man nobody is more reliable in front of goal. Another enormous year and hopefully we have a few yet to come.


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Jaeger O'Meara!

The only player from last year's top 5 to place again in the Yabby, Jaeger had a bit of an inconsistent year compared to a very solid year last year. He still however was vital in many wins and was a clearance machine. The best thing is, we have had 2 years with no real injury hiccups and that will only bode well for next year onwards!

Final 2019 Leaderboard
- James Worpel
44 - Ricky Henderson
34 - Jarman Impey
28 - Ben McEvoy
27 - Jaeger O'Meara
23 - James Sicily
19 - Liam Shiels
15 - Chad Wingard
14 - Jack Gunston
11 - Jonathan Ceglar, Shaun Burgoyne
9 - Luke Breust
8 - Tom Scully, Mitchell Lewis
7 - Blake Hardwick
5 - Tim O'Brien
4 - Jarryd Roughead, Daniel Howe, James Frawley
3 - Jack Scrimshaw
2 - James Cousins
1 - Isaac Smith, Kaiden Brand
you have welcomed yourself in the Hawthorn hierarchy... everyone is worthy of a good looking reward..


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 1, 2010
AFL Club
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Everton FC
Sorry for the intrusion but who do you guys think will win the peter crimmins medal? I’ve gone worpel but not sure. Am I wrong?
I believe it will be out of Worpel & Henderson. Sicily a chance. Hardwick could surprise.

If McEvoy played all 22 games he would be my pick but he may have missed too many games to win it & Impey the same, he was up there b4 he got injured.

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