Radio 'You cannot be serious' podcast with Sam Newman, Don Scott and Rod Law

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Sep 15, 2010
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Great post. When they go off track its genuine and not staged. The awkwardness, "are we actually on?", silliness that follows is lulz. And it works.

The policical/social stuff, it gets tiresome especially if you try to logically process it, and apply empathy. i.e. sam complains about the left saying/doing XYZ, but unable to acknowledge the right do the same.
but yeah i just listen, let to go through and then continue
Don't be a lefty cuck, then it won't be tiresome.

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May 22, 2006
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Don loves a "blow your brains out" reference. Second or third time I've heard him use it. Totally non-PC!

Huddo is better than all the Channel 7 callers combined. Sounded like he was interested, but is contracted to Fox Footy. Wonder how much of a salary bump he could get moving to 7?


May 6, 2005
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They had a doctor to discuss the Covid virus, I found him to be a bit of a fence sitter but he didn't really let Sam railroad the convo with his lunatic factless opinion. I don't think Sam learned anything though because he wasn't listening to the answers.
As usual Don had the comment of the podcast when Sam was saying they had a one person audience and Don goes You look like Ivan Milat!! I think he might have insulted pretty much every person who has come into the studio without even realizing it!
haha ivan milat.

yeah i felt the doctor knew his place, let sam and don speak when they want to speak, speak when its your turn. Not sure sam was tryingto railroad the episode (people were politicising the virus), although at one stage discussing hotel quarantine sam made a good point relating to the Q then added if you call it the chinese virus youre xenophobic which wasnt related lol.

also lold when sam said why would you listen to them (AMA). They have doctors who dont agree on anything. I get this point, and think its valid. You will never get a group of people all agreeing on something. He's right.

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Apr 12, 2005
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Mar 17, 2014
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i strongly suggest that if you listen to podcasts to get a podcast player like Overcast or Pocket casts. they have way less problems than listening over the web and Spotify is good for music but their podcast player is abysmal

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