Prediction Your 14th best midfield will finish much higher than 14.

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Team Captain
Dec 22, 2015
AFL Club
Gold Coast
I was confused at first, but I realised that this isn't some subjective opinion by a journalist, it's vaguely objective rankings based on stats from last year. And given everyone was injured last year, our stats were really bad. Considering our starting midfield last year was Touk Miller, Jesse Lonergan and Aaron Hall, we were lucky to get 14th. It's nothing to get angry or worried about.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 1, 2004
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
BBFFC, Southport AFC
It's not based on true quality at all. Simply put, if your midfield was injured most of the year ( yours and ours) your teams will rank lowly.

We all know GC and Bris midfields are easily in the top half at strength.

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